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Corner of Pearl and Broadway
Photograph of the former Council Bluffs Savings Bank on the corner of Pearl and Broadway.

Firemen were called to Roosevelt School at 2:42 am on Valentine’s Day, 1966. The fire destroyed much of the building, leaving only the 1953. The thousands of gallons of water used to fight the blaze covered the gutted building in a thick layer of…

Fireman's membership certificate
Council Bluffs Fireman's Membership Certificate. Certifies that J. W. Peregoy is an active member of Council Bluffs City Fire Engine Co. No. 1

Council Bluffs Fire Department Exempt Certificate
Exempt Certificate presented to Fireman George Bowers. Signed by the Clerk and Mayor of Council Bluffs.

Arrival of 168th Infantry, 1919
Photograph of the 168th Infantry at Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad Passenger Depot in Council Bluffs (Iowa), May 17, 1919 on the Rock Island Locomotive #1625.

200 - 212 West Broadway
Photograph of Roger's barber shop, Wallace Printing, 200 - 212 West Broadway

200 - 212 West Broadway
Photograph of Roger's barber shop, Wallace Printing, 200 - 212 West Broadway.

238 - 306 West Broadway
Photograph of Cook Paint, Happy Hour Lounge, Carl's Service, 238-3-6 West Broadway

Home of Frank Hendricks
Exterior view of the home Frank Hendricks. 303 Glen Ave

308 - 320 West Broadway
Photograph of People's Store, 308-320 West Broadway.

326 - 334 West Broadway
Photograph of Brown's Shoes, Yum Yum Tree, Capitol Optical, 326-334 West Broadway.

336 West Broadway
Photograph of Woolworth' s Department Store, 336 West Broadway.

345 West Broadway
Photograph of Bushman Carpet, Morris Paint, 345 West Broadway.

400 West Broadway
Photograph of Walgreens drugstore, 400 West Broadway.

418 - 420 West Broadway
Photograph of Brodkey's, Clark Drug Co., 418-420 West Broadway.

Abraham Lincoln High School
Photograph of the exterior of Abraham Lincoln High School, Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Aerial view of Abraham Lincoln High School
Aerial photograph of Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Photograph of Adam V. Larimar
Portrait of Adam V. Larimar, Early Citizens of Council Bluffs.

Portrait of Addison Cochran
Portrait of Addison Cochran, mayor of Council Bluffs in 1879. Newspaper clipping.

Aerial view of Council Bluffs
Aerial photograph of Council Bluffs (Iowa) looking northeast.
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