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Fire Department & Fire Stations File #1 (to 04-30-1974)

Louise Filbert, foreground, awaits her call to go before the cameras Tuesday morning. to her right is Jo Honaker, a registered nurse at Bergan Mercy and manager of the hospital's emergency room.

Please give up your rabbit: That's the plea of Jackee Wise as Myrtle Mae and her mother, Vita, played by Ida Neary, as Elwood, portrayed by Norman Filbert Jr., grimaces at the thought of giving up his six-foot-tall invisible friend. the scene is from…

Remember when Broadway boasted the Continental kellar Co., Broadway Theater and The Ranks Department Store? The buildings shown in the 1950s photo were part of the downtown business district. Note the films on the theater marquee--Shirley Temple in…

The common wall joining the First National Bank and the Beno building on West Broadway has become a $13,000 stumbling block in proposed demolition of the long-vacant Beno, Wickham, and Kresge buildings. Mayor Tom Hanafan said he would veto a…

Part of downtown Council center is the corner of West Broadway at Main and Fourth Streets where four banks or savings and loans are located.

The Old Neumeyer House...just west of Second Street and Broadway has been a hotel since it was built in 1879 by Oscar Neumeyer. The structure originally had 88 rooms, a dining and bar areas on the ground floor and a stable in the rear. The lower…

Small Stores...along Broadway typified the architecture of their day--each different but just about the same. Reminiscent of the "mom and pop" stores of another era, most of the second story apartments have been vacant for a number of years. Now…

The Leading Corner...of the new shopping center planned by Midlands Northern Joint Venture will be the northeast corner of Main Street and Broadway. It now houses Brodkey's Jewelers and Clark Drug Co.

Up The Street...from Woolworth's Store, are Brown's Shoe Fit Co., the Yum Yum Tree Candy Store, Kaypers Clothing, C.R. Fifer Co. hearing aids, Capitol Optical Co., and Calandra Camera Store. Many of the firms have now moved to other locations.

WillowBluff3rdStreet Historic District_201212310849491766 (2).pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for Willow / Bluff / 3rd Street - Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.

St. Peters.pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for St. Peter's Church & Rectory - Historic building in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of building and history.

ParkGlenAvenues Historic District_201212310849304422 (1).pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for the Park / Glen Avenues Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.
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