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Many Expressions . . . crossed Rep. Tom Harkin's face during his recent meeting with area farmers in Council Bluffs. Harkin also was the speaker at Saturday morning's Legislative Breakfast in Community Hall.

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Harkin . . . began their door-knocking campaign in Council Bluffs Tuesday. Harkin, a Democrat, is seeking the fifth congressional district seat from Rep. William Scherle, R-Henderson.

Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, addresses a group of senior citizens Tuesday morning at Community Hall. Harkin supports a bill that would restore some Social Security benefits to those born in the years 1917 to 1921. About 150 people attended the meeting.

U.S. Rep. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa was hard at work Friday at Iowa Nebraska Xpress truck terminal. He took the job moving freight to learn more about the transportation needs of the Council Bluffs-Omaha area, he said. Harkin gets direction from Terminal…

Checking The Oil . . . Friday morning at Bob's Texaco Service Station, 1305 N. 25th St. are Robert Johnson, station proprietor and Tom Harkin of Ames, Democratic candidate for the Fifth Congressional District.

Checking The Oil . . . in 1974 at a local gas station is U.S. Rep. Tom Harkin who was then running for his first term as Congressman. Today, in his third term in the House, Harkin is still looking into autos - this time as chairman of the House…

"Hired Hands" From Washington . . . helped M.J. "Mick" Ryan Jr. with combine work on his farm near Underwood Thursday. Ryan gives directions to U.S. Reps. Eddie Beard, D-R.I., and Tom Harkin, D-Ames.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Lucy Stone, New York, New York. She discusses the issues with/between the two national suffrage associations, and specifically referencing Mr. (Theodore) Tilton and Mrs. (Elizabeth Cady) Stanton.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from A.P. Lowery, Marshalltown, Iowa. Invitation to Mrs. Bloomer to attend the ball for women's rights in Marshalltown.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from J.S. Loomis, Independence, Iowa. Writes to tell Mrs. Bloomer that Joseph A. Dugdale of Mt. Pleasant has contacted him re: a state suffrage convention in Mount Pleasant. Writer suggests that any suffrage convention…

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Annie Savery, Des Moines, Iowa.

A letter to Amelia Bloomer from Mrs. A. Frazier, Leon, Iowa. Mrs. Frazier asks Mrs. Bloomer if she would write something to be read at a meeting of their new women's club.
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