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Firefighters inspect the house Thursday afternoon when embers in the living room reignited and began smoldering. Authorities said Friday that the fire started in wiring near the charred area above the garage door.

Fires In C.B. File #2 (01-01-1979 to 12-31-1988)

Policemen Guard . . . the ruins of Kirn Junior High School which was extensively damaged by fire early Sunday. This view is looking toward Fifth Avenue and Third Street. The fire is believed to have started in an art room on the third floor at this…

Cleanup Started Thursday . . . to remove rubble from the fire that destroyed Ranks Department Store. Debris from the fallen walls of the building at 325 W. Broadway was scattered half way across Broadway blocking the eastbound traffic lane. City…

Spraying The Smoldering Remains . . . of the Ranks Department Store, 325 W. Broadway, are members of the Council Bluffs Fire Department. The fire, which was discovered about 1 a.m., destroyed the building and an adjoining two-story complex, and…

Broadway Theater

Leftover Columns...of the Broadway Theater are viewed by Sid Gousheh, restaurant proprietor behind the Pantry's kitchen area. Above the present ceiling is the projections booth and balcony. Below the stage area are dressing rooms used by…

front of Theater, street level, at night. On the marquee: "Tonite Bank Award $300
'Sky Murder' also
'Military Academy'
Over the doors/ticket window:
"Total Bank Awards $400"
On back of photo:
Broadway Theter
About 1936
(copied 1-16-1974)

The Old Broadway Theater...closed for good in 1963 and was remodeled the next year to house King's Restaurant, now The Pantry. This photo was taken in 1941. The theater, in operation since the early 1920s, had just been remodeled after a fire in…

Although the fire was confined to the rear part, the entire interior of the Broadway theater was redecorated in its $25,000 remodeling program. A new front curtain was installed, the seats refinished, and the walls repainted in pastel colors.

Fires In C.B. File #1 (to 12-30-1978)

Straining Under The Weight . . . as he attempts to pull a 50 foot section of hose to the top of the training tower is Alan Knott, Omaha. Firefighter Mike Mattox stands by.

Sprucing up a centennial bell at the Oak Street Fire Station are B Shift members Capt. Jerry Carter, Firefighter Don Owens and Engineer Larry Olson. The bell was cast for the Bluffs Fire Department in 1876 and originally hung in the old Central Fire…

Presenting A Picture . . . of a 1913 world champion racing horse team to be used in the fire station as City Councilman Ron Cleveland looks on is DeVere Watson of Council Bluffs. The horses were named after a former mayor of Council Bluffs, Lou…

The statue "The Fireman," was presented to the Fire Department back in the days of the first World War by W.M. Wollman, 606 Oakland Avenue, a retired jeweler. Wollman, a familiar figure at Central Fire Station, was well known for his carving of…

Fire Department & Fire Stations File #2 (05-01-74 -)

Broadway Past & Present6-4-53 Unearth Fire well at Main & Broadway12-15-53 Broadway surfacing in Two feet deep in spotsSee also "Council Bluffs West" 3


Cracked cement and for sale signs...spell a gloomy picture on vacant buildings like this one at Pearl Street and Broadway. The handsome building has been vacant for years.

Scattered weeds...peak[sic] through the sidewalks near 28th Street and Broadway as well as other spots along the strip. Weeds are not unique to any one spot along the strip.

Road and business signs...welcome eastbound visitors to Council Bluffs. Wedged in between the Second Avenue sign and the noise ordinance sign is a notice that this site will someday hold a "municipal recognition sculpture." Putting up a sign for…
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