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Arnold Plastics Co. employees operate a bottle-making machine in the firm's rebuilt facilities. A fire which destroyed the plant some months ago has led to more innovations.

New walls for Arnold Plastic's Inc. at 3135 W. Broadway are fast nearing the roof line to replace the plant that was destroyed by fire Nov. 28. Construction started early in December, as soon as debris was cleared away, and the operation is expected…

Twisted Ruins of Building . . . flattened by fire late Saturday were in the focus of fire officials attempting to determine the cause Monday. Salvage crews worked Monday to untangle the mass of roof and steel that collapsed during the fire at Arnold…

Arnold Tool and Die Works

Moving Into New Building at Arnold Tool and Die Works are some of the heavy machines that will be used in expanding the business including production machining and metal stamping and assembly work.

Dodge Light Guard Armory

Dodge Light Guard Armory

Dodge Light Guard Armory

Dodge Light Guard Armory

The Dodge Light Guard armory, southwest corner of Main Street and Fifth Avenue, is the focus of Iowa National Guard activities in Council Bluffs. The building has been used as an armory since 1902.

The Dodge Light Guard Armory at Pearl St. and Fifth Ave. will be replaced with a new $200,000 structure. The newer section of the building, at the left, will be retained. The outlined section will be razed.

Whistling propane tanks...sent this observer running from the scene of the blast and fire at the Bluffs Elevator Col, 2313 18th Ave. Union Pacific Railroad detective Sam Irwin stands in the background along with an unidentified worker from another…

The Life Flight Helicopter...hovers near the clouds of smoke spewing from the fire at the Bluffs Elevator Co. The St. Joseph Hospital aircraft was not used to transport patients, but the paramedics on board offered assistance to Council Bluffs…

photo, at a distance of plume of smoke from Bluffs Elevator explosion/fire; railroad tracks and cars shown on each side of plume.

Bluffs Development
Also See: Nord Sorensen
Treynor Landfill

Bluffs Arts Council (BAC)

Providing An Example...of business/art partnership, Omaha's Riley Building highlights city's heritage while promoting building's occupants; a real-estate company, interior designer and advertising agency. Michael's owners expressed admiration for…

Blue Star Foods
1023 4th St.
See Also: Con Agra

James W. McLaughlin [photo cropped to head and shoulders in newspaper article]

Blue Star producing a "Dining Lite" lite [sic] of foods at its Council Bluffs plant, selling the entrees initially in Omaha and Dallas. The food line change is attributed to a change in lifestyle.
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