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Developer's rendering of the Downtown Redevelopment project for the Chamber of Commerce

The area along Broadway cleared to make way for the downtown redevelopment project.

A view of the Theater Block from two angles. On the left, a portion that faces Broadway and includes the Crest Theater, the Baird property, and two bars. On the right, the portion that faces Sixth Street and includes a number of small businesses such…

The Theater Block . . . between Pearl and Sixth streets on the south side of Broadway will undergo drastic change under the urban renewal plan. The buildings show here are scheduled for demolition.

The Theater Block, redevelopment of which officials believe can spur further change downtown. In addition to this block, which contains the Crest Theater, other project areas include the Scott Street lot, the old Herman-Marcus and Ogden Hotel sites,…

Sale of land for a three-story office building in downtown Council Bluffs is scheduled to be completed Thursday, Acting Community Development Director Rod Phipps said. The city will transfer the deed for the property to the building's developers in…

The proposed Knudson-Morgan downtown office building (center) is triangular and features a plaza area (left) and parking lot (far left). The dark area to the right is the shadow of the building. Cars would exit from the parking lot to the alley…

This diagram points out the areas considered for downtown redevelopment. The diagram is part of the Request For Proposal booklet submitted to the City Council. The identification of property in the areas includes: R. Residence, 1. Marjorie's Beauty…

Dolph Homestead . . . is shown in this drawing by Miss Ellen Dolph. Home was built nearly 80 years ago. The cement walk across the front yard was the first of its kind in Mills County. Some of the original shrubs and bushes still grow in the yard.

Pulling A Buggy...during activities Saturday are two of the hundreds of Boy Scouts who attended the annual Scoutorama at Westfair.

Displaying Awards...received at a special recognition dinner Thursday are Southwest Iowans Peter E. Heineman, Robert E. Jungst, Evelyn M. Talbot, George E. Rose and Willis D. Frevert.

Winners Of Special the Trailblazer District Annual Banquet are Victor Oknewski, Mrs.. Helen Helaney, Max Lieurance, and Bill Bowlds.

Mementos...of the re-enactment of the 4,000 mile Lewis and Clark Expedition are few, but Mike Allen, Wes Rasmussen and Scott Neal will never forget their experiences of the past summer. They were among the 31 Scouts and leaders who made the trip…

Checking Gear...which will used by Boy Scouts as they recreate the Lewis and Clark trip is Eagle Scout Scott Neal of Council Bluffs. The scouts will travel nearly 3,500 miles by canoe and foot.

Standing At The the Little Sioux Scout Ranch following dedication ceremonies of the camp are scout official Stan Michael, Ernest Hundahl, who donated 1, 200 acres for the camp, camp chief Ken Nickerson and Toshiji Inamori and Toshisada…

Eagle Scout Michael Howard of Avoca leads the retreat ceremony Thursday night by lowering the flag at the dedication ceremonies of the Little Sioux Scout Ranch. More than 2,000 persons attended the ceremonies at the camp which hosted its first…

Pointing Out Membership Paul Ryan, Trailblazer district scout executive, with Glen Keller, the 42,000th scout to join the Mid America Council, and Dan Mowry, institutional representative for Troop 3 at Roosevelt School, Glen's troop.
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