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Printed at bottom of image: "Omaha Bridge - March 18, 1887."

Music C686c.tif
Postcard picturing the Council Bluffs Municipal Band. Partial list of names on back.

Churches H659.tif
Photograph of the exterior of Holy Family Church at 23rd street and Avenue B.

218 W Broadway.tif
2 photographs of 218 West Broadway. Hamm's beer sign.

Taking A Stroll---down the hospital corridor is Randy Roffman. The helping hands belong to Jennie Edmundson nurses.

A mutual admiration society aptly describes Council Bluffs school bus driver Pat Murphy, 2516 Avenue A, and the kindergarten children of Hoover and Washington schools. "I love these children," Murphy says. And as for the children, "they would…

There's trouble on the range where the buffalo roam at the Botna Bend County Park at Hancock. Things were going just hunky-dory for Doris (right) until Daisy (center) came along and started hoofing around with Dave (left). Dave cast a wooly eye in…

The bull elk at Botna Bend Park at Hancock takes a break under a small shade tree in his pen to get away from Southwest Iowa's warm summer sun. The tree is in its own pen to keep the elk from devouring the leaves.

Sitting Amid The Rubble...of what hours earlier had been her mobile home is Sharon Sheppard of Braddyville. The woman, her husband and their daughter were not at home when the Thursday tornado hit, virtually destroying the town of 200 near the…

Parade (169).jpg
Photographs of Pride Week parade and events in Council Bluffs

Parade (189).jpg
Photographs of Pride Week parade and events in Council Bluffs

A truck is loaded with household items during the flood evacuation on April 13, 1952

Abe loaded into a police cruiser car for a trip to the hospital by Officer J. G. Olderog.

"This revolver...was picked up at the scene by police. One cartridge was fired; four others had misfired. Shown here is the map of a plat of West Side property, believed to have been the cause for the disagreement."

Councilman Joseph B. Katelman...lies in the street on Twelfth Avenue, after being shot at and beaten over the head by Abe Leibovitz, shown on the street just behind him. Patrolmen John J. Morrow, J. G. Olderog, Herbert Mace Jr., and Denny R…

Helped to his Councilman Katelman, center, by Police Chief Earl Miller, right, and an unidentified officer. Katelman was taken to the hospital in a police cruiser car when the Emergency Unit was tied up on another call.

Crash scene...spectators view the damaged two-seater airplane. Note the piece of wing, ripped from the plane. The craft hit the power pole before crashing to the ground

Lifting victim...Earl Jensen from plane are CAP Capt. Ralph Gamble, dark glasses, and Dr. Donald V. Hirst, in Khaki uniform. Emergency Unit crewman Norvin Oamek stand ready to help, as does Police Sgt. N. J. Sulentic, back to camera.

The meandering deer wandered into town late in the afternoon and wound up in Indian Creek near Sixth Avenue.

Hundreds of person daily find the receded shoreline at Lake Manawa a good place to relax and enjoy the beauties of nature. Especially during the evening hours, many fishermen drive right down to the water's edge. Here a lone fisherman holds down a…
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