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City sign for Earling, Iowa

Approximately, this Mills County town was named after an official of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. The town was established as a station on the C.B. & Q. in 1869. Its first and foremost citizen, history tells us, was L.W. Tubbs.

Her Children Travel . . . at times like the doll-infant that Mrs. Stephen Akangbe, a Nigerian, displays for Mary Hurlbut and the Rev. and Mrs. George Campbell, Farragut. Miss Hurlbut holds an African woman's hoe.

The Authentic Danish Windmill . . . spins its blades near the south side of Elk Horn. The windmill was disassembled in Denmark and reassembled with volunteer labor in Elk Horn. It drew over 52,000 visitors last year.

Tugging the air giant. . . over plywood paths is a huge wrecker using cable and crane. A crewman helps direct the operation from the cockpit window. -- Nonpareil Photo.

The Boy With The Leaking Boot...has become an internationally known statues although its origin and sculptor remain unknown. Once located at the Swan Pond in Fairmount Park, this copy is now i the garden of Gen. and Mrs. Bruce Holloway at Offutt Air…

Fairmount Park Swan the turn of the century shows "The Boy With The Leaking Boot," under arrow in center of the photo. Exact date of this photo, from Nonpareil files, is not known.

"The Boy With The Leaking Boot" least 75 years old, proudly stands with Mrs. Bruce K. Holloway, wife of the commander-in-chief of the Strategic Air Command, in her garden pol at Offutt Air Base.

No, the statue hasn't been embalmed. "The Boy With the Leaking Boot" arrived in Council Bluffs on June 3 in a wooden box resembling a coffin. Head Librarian Mildred Smock examines the statue in the basement of the Public Library where it is being…

A "Breakneck" Speedster...which averaged 31 miles per hour in a mail run from Chicago to Council Bluffs in 1884 is shown in this 75-year old photograph. The steamer pulled two cars.

Immersed In Ice a man about to undergo brain surgery. Nurses use paddles to keep ice cubes circulating throughout the tank.

Surgical Team...takes over in an operation that lasted six hours. Instruments shown are hemostats, clamped to the incision to slow bleeding.
[Best_Pictures_Best_Stories_1959_3_8_1959_03.jpg is enlarged version of this photo, measuring 13.5 x 13…

Electronic Thermometer...which instantly records body temperatures is observed constantly while patient is receiving hypothermia treatment.

"Here Lies The Bertrand" is the heading on the wooden tombstone marking the spot where the 100-year-old boat rests 12 feet below water on De Soto National Wildlife Refuge. The marker, designed by Refuge Manager James Salyer, shown with the…

Asst. Police Chief Merle Sass...of Missouri Valley steps off distances at the scene of Friday's accident which killed five Southwest Iowa youths and injured two others. Greer auto came to rest (1) after it was in a collision with the Keairnes car…

A Metal Building...begins to crumble and melt as the intense flames, fueled by the wooden elevators, rage out of control Tuesday at Bluffs Elevator Co. Many cars and trucks parked near the elevators were damaged by debris and flames.

Prairie_Rose_Lake_and_State_Park_ Shelby_ County_10_30_1960.jpg.jpg
'Keel' is laid: Like the keel of a giant ship, the spillway at Prairie Rose Lake southeast of harlan is beginning to extend up the hill and around behind the dam at the new lake. The spillway will keep the water in the 218-acre lake at a constant…

"Old Rusty"...gets a checkover Thursday from Park Board Commissioner Everett Shockey. The fountain is scheduled to be removed from Bayliss Park.

Crusty Foundation...of Bayliss Park Fountain shows the scars of its 78 years and the fountain bowl now is too feeble to hold water. Officials say something will be done with the fountain soon.
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