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Fire Department Dr Margules Residence Willow & Bluff.tif
Photograph of a fire at Dr. Margule's Residence.

Fire Department Broadway & Nicholas ~ 1970.tif
Photograph of a Council Bluffs fire.

Fire Department Elder Court 1972.tif
Photographs of the Elder Court fire.

Fire Department City Auditorium 1947.tif
A photograph of a fire truck testing a ladder at the Council Bluffs Auditorium.

Fire Department Central Station 1907.tif
A photograph of a fire engine in front of the Central Fire Station.

Fire Department Nerve Center 1951.tif
Nerve center of city's 1951 fire alarm system is checked by city fire department personnel.

Fire Department Statue 2018.tif
Firefighter statute for the Council Bluffs Public Safety Plaza.

Fire Department 3 firemen ~1900.tif
A photograph of 3 Council Bluffs firefighters.

Fire Department CBFD No. 3 ~1900.tif
A photograph of Council Bluffs firefighters and a horse drawn fire engine.

Fire Department 2-15-46.tif
Two children were killed and their mothers injured when a 100-foot water storage tank collapsed and fell on their house. The tank, which had a storage capacity of 125,000 gallons, let loose a 100,000 gallon torrent of water and ice. The photo shows…

In 1951, firefighters had to inspect the theater front's terra cotta decorations after several chunks of concrete toppled to the sidewalks, narrowly missing pedestrians.

Fire Fighters -.tif
Photograph of an unknown building fire.

Fire Fighters - World Radio 1-4-1954.tif
World Radio Laboratories building at 738-44 West Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Woodbinie fire 1-8-1958.tif
Destroyed building housing the Sorey Bros. Construction Co. and the Fontenelle Frames and Upholstery Co. located along Highway 30 at the edge of Woodbine.

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Fire Fighters - Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway 11-4-1952.tif
Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Virgil Miller, Myron Albers, Mike Hughes.tif
Photograph of fire fighters Virgil Miller, Myron Albers, and Mike Hughes.

Modern truck serves as background for hand-pulled hose cart held by Asst. Chief Virgil Miller and fireman Myron Albers. Chief D. L. (Mike) Hughes stands in shadow of the old…

Fire Fighters - Smith Machine Shop Fire 7-18-1966.tif
Remains of Machine Shop as viewed by manager William Barrett.

653 Franklin Ave.

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Fire Fighters - Raven Feed Plant 4-30-1959.tif
Fire destroyed the Raven Feed Co. plant and offices at 1215 W. Broadway

Fire Fighters - Persia Fire 10-31-1957.tif
Photograph of fire damage. Persia, IA.

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Fire Fighters - Neola Rescue Squad 7-21-1963.tif
Photograph of Neola fire fighters.