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1975 Yearbook (annual) of Tri-Center High School

Yearbook (annual) of Underwood High School.

1975 Yearbook (Annual) of Thomas Jefferson High School

1975 Yearbook (Annual) of St. Albert High School

Fire Fighters - 1-29-1975.tif
Council Bluffs firefighters spent hours in Omaha assisting with a four-alarm fire. Capt. Donald Barritt and his crew manned the snorkel unit which poured water in the front of the Karbach building at Fourteenth and Douglas.

Fire Fighters - 1-1-1975 Chief Elgan.tif
Surveying the remains of a house at 23rd N. 2nd St. destroyed early Wednesday by fire is Fire Chief Norman Elgan. One man was killed in the blaze.

Hotels O334b.tif
Reproduction of a photograph of the exterior of the Ogden Hotel.

1975 Yearbook (Annual) of Iowa School for the Deaf.

1975 Yearbook (Annual) of Abraham Lincoln High School.
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