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Area 13 Educ. Media Center and Pottawattamie County Building of Education.

On those occasions . . . when Max is allowed inside the educational services building, he simply blends into the office routine, according to Pauline Longnecker, above. She goes about her duties and gives Max an occasional treat for good behavior.…

Max can be . . . just like an oversized puppy sometimes, as maintenance worker, Bill Beasley, demonstrates. He loves attention from Halverson Center employees, even if it means being picked up and held.

Bronze plaque . . .with the likeness of the late Dr. Burton G. Halverson is viewed by Halverson's widow and Dr. Calvin Bones, county superintendent of schools. The complex west of Treynor Thursday was named in honor of Dr. Halverson. --Nonpareil…

Installation of a new computer for the Area 13 Data Processing Center at the old Treynor Missile Base site is expected to be completed early next week. The computer was being installed this week. Inspecting the equipment are Ed Somer, advisory field…

Area 13 Education Agency (Loess Hills)
Former Treynor Missile Base Hwy 92
Multi-county area school library center set here. February 25, 1966
Area library center for 7 counties. March 20, 1966
In advisory capacity, 15 area appointed to serve…
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