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Banker A.A. Kruse of Audubon comes face-to-face with a miniature replica of the giant bull statue in Audubon, named Albert after the founder of the T-Bone promotion.

"Albert, the World's Largest Bull" has taken its steel shape south of Audubon. The 30-foot-tall Hereford will receive a coat of paint over cement and steel mesh, and be dedicated in the fall.

"Albert, the World's Largest Bull," a statue saluting Audubon County's cattle feeders, is taking form at Audubon. Being built by the Junior Chamber of Commerce as a tourist attraction, the huge Hereford critter is under construction at the south edge…

Audubon's "Albert the Bull" needs several more coats of cement. Then painters will apply the red and white colors of the Hereford breed. But the beef promotional project already stops occasional tourists, who snap pictures of the huge bull.

"Albert," Audubon's 30-ton steel and concrete Hereford bull, is being touched up with a new coat of paint by Ed Parsons. Albert's periodic grooming keeps him spruced up for the thousands of tourists who stop annually along Highway 71 to see the…

Junior Chamber of Commerce at Audubon has completed construction of "Albert the Bull" at the outskirts of the city. "Albert," weighing 45 tons, is a giant statue of a Hereford bull, designed to salute the area's cattle feeders and as a tourist…
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