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To feed machine . . . an all hydraulic gantry crane sits high above wheels and rails to keep the hungry shredder's hopper full. Big jaws on the crane easily grab an auto off the pile of thousands on hand. The bodies are fed into the Alter yard from…

Finished product . . . of big shredder is shown by Tom Hale, account executive at Alters. Old autos are reduced to clean metal more or less the size of baseballs, and read for steel mills and foundrys over the United States and abroad to be recycled…

A giant shredding machine at Alter Co., 2603 Ninth Ave. capable of tearing up more than 1,000 old automobiles a day is ready for operation. Looking into the heart of the machine workmen are installing the 22 hammers that do the shredding, each hammer…

Bob Miller Photography
4302 Dodge St.
Omaha, Nebraska

Alter Company

Auto junkpile has memories.

Happy Cabs go anywhere . . . and sometimes after running their course, like other retired autos, end up in the junkpile. Tom Hale, account executive for Alter Co., looks over one of several retired cabs in a pile.

Like pulling teeth . . . this oversized machine called a motor puller just reaches under the hood to extract the car motor in one bite. Operator is "Shorty" Campbell who has jerked thousands of motors. New heavy machinery is currently being installed…

The finished project . . . comes down an endless belt in given size bales, ready for loading onto rail cars and shipment to steel mills for reuse.

Junker autos . . . are baled and sheared at the rate of 800 a day in the new giant machine that just went into operation at the Alter Company yard, 2603 Ninth Ave. An auto, minus motor and wheels, is loaded into a hopper. It will hold four cars.

Old autos are stacked 10-deep . . . at the Alter Company scrapyard. Manager Jake Barnes surveys the mountains of old junkers that is being added to every day. The company is in the process of installing a new process that will turn 800 junk cars a…

Plant location . . . of the Alter Co. is discussed by Mayor Leon Mores. Frank Alter, head of the firm, and W. D. Cairney, Chamber of Commerce president.

Hundreds of cars . . . were reduced to these little bits, the finished product of shredding car bodies. Alter Co. plant manager Jake Barnes examines two pieces. -- Nonpareil Photo.

A 250-ton Union Pacific Railroad crane lifts the 109-ton sheer head to Alter Co. Friday. When fully assembled the bailer-sheer will consume 800 to 1,000 junk car bodies a day and will weigh 750 tons. Construction of footings for the monster machine…

(Left-Harold Coyle) and Jerry Katz of the Alter Co. The bundled scrap is now ready for sale to firms who melt and use scrap metal. --Nonpareil Photos.

Modern salvage : The Alter Co., one of Council Bluffs' newer industries, uses the very latest equipment in its scrap salvage operation. Here an old car body is being put into a press. It will come in bales.

Two cranes . . . are needed to set up king-size baling shear at the Alter Co. scrap-metal yard here. --Nonpareil Photo.

Processess various metals. Alter Company leases 10-acre site in Bluffs for a new plant. October 3, 1962
Halt work on Alter Co. Plant. November 23, 1962
Talking business . . . Alter Company in operation. January 20, 1963
Modern salvage. May 5,…
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