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Avoca, IA Pt 2

Standing At the Site . . . of the Avoca centennial time capsule buried in 1989 during the town's centennial celebration is Harry Wiese, 87, Avoca farmer and self-educated historian. Behind Wiese is the Pottawattamie County Courthouse built in 1885. …

Photo of a church in Avoca, IA

Photo of a gentleman standing in front of the Judge's bench in the Avoca Courthouse.

Harry Wendt and Lawrence "Babe" Kohlscheen prepare to paint the exterior of a house which will become a Victorian Bed and Breakfast Inn that will offer antique-furnished rooms in the restored turn-of-the-century house in Avoca.

Treasurer's office at Avoca courthouse

Avoca, IA Pt1

Photo of highway sign for Avoca, IA

Photo of Avoca, IA street looking out from the bank.

Photo of a livestock barn, Avoca, IA

Photo of fruits and poultry buildings in Avoca, IA

A Nearby Church . . . houses the band room and home economics classrooms. The site was first purchased by the school to provide added playground space. Supt. Ohm says a new school is needed to expand facilities such as rest rooms, science labs,…

Here's Exterior View of Avoca's Co-operative Creamery
Above is a view of the exterior of the Avoca Creamery.

Above is the camera man's view of one of Avoca's pleasant residence streets.

Final Service will be held in St. Mary's Church, Avoca, before it is dismantled to make way for a new structure to be started this spring.
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