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Loading Over $61,000 In Bills . . . are deputy U.S. Marshals Jesse Lathrum and Mark Hayes of Des Moines, who transported the money to the First National Bank. The money was stolen in the June 30, 1971 holdup of the bank's westside office.

Bank Robberies
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Discussing the Lorance White who shows reporters a pair of shears he intended to throw at the suspect if he got close enough.

Spectators Gather...outside the Minden branch office of the Farmers and Merchants State Bank Saturday morning following a robbery just before noon. A young gunman took an undisclosed amount of money and fled. Authorities were searching for three…

The Patio Office of the Council Bluffs Savings Bank, Twenty-seventh Street and West Broadway, was the scene Wednesday of the second bank robbery in less than six weeks. Police arrived on the scene moments after a well-dressed man took $4,000 from a…

Slain Suspect...has been identified as Steven F. Scott, 29, of Galva, Ill., who was recently released from the Colorado State Penitentiary.

Where Gunman a corner of the small waiting room of the doctor's office-home. Hole in the wall is where police dug out bullets from a battle with the gunman Wednesday morning. Dr. Hombach's daughter was standing near the corner when the…

First National Bank Westside Office...was robbed of an undetermined amount of money by two masked bandits one of whom was still at large in Omaha. The other was wounded and under police guard at Jennie Edmundson Hospital. One policeman was killed,…

Bullet the side of police cruiser resulted from a shootout Wednesday forenoon with a bank robbery suspect. One Council Bluffs patrolman was injured by flying glass when a robber's bullet crashed through his police cruiser car.

Police And Ambulance Officials...remove the body of Lt. C.E. Moore from a home at 3113 Ave., where a bank robbery suspect shot it out with police, a private citizen and FBI officials. Nonpareil Photos by Joe Cavallaro

Suspect [Lee Farmer] held against car; three uniformed police officers, one with handgun drawn, one with rifle; off-duty police officer [Dan Larsen]
(Information from photos taken at the same scene, reported in Nonpareil 2-23-1974)

Suspect [Lee Farmer] held against Mustang car outside Savings and Loan on Pearl Street. Four police officers, two with handguns drawn, one with rifle. Two men not in uniform, one with walkie-talkie. Duplicate of Bank_Robberies_01, but with names…

Suspect (Lee Farmer) held against Mustang car outside Council Bluffs Savings Bank on Pearl St. Four uniformed police officers, two with handguns drawn, one with rifle. Two men not in uniform.
(Information from photos taken at the same scene,…
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