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Central Baptist Church
old Highway 6 & Orchard Ave
9/84: New Pastor: Rev. Glen Eveland (has own file)

An Open being painted on the north outside wall of Central Baptist Church by the Rev. James Channell of Sioux Falls, S.D. The Rev. Charles Proud, passtor of the church, is standing on the ladder below. The gigantic Bible measures 11 feet…

Central Baptist Church...graces a hilltop at the outskirts of Council Bluffs on some five acres of land. The cement block structure is painted white with charcoal trim. Ample parking area enables worshippers to park near the church at the ground…

The Rev. Charles Proud...looks over his spacious sanctuary which seats comfortably 300 worshippers. Its hanging lights, long windows and light paneling gives it a soft, well lighted effect of richness. The red carpeting in the aisles continues to…

Walnut Grove Baptist Church
(formerly Walnut Grove Chapel)
1001 North 29th St.

News Spacious Walnut Grove Baptist locate at Twenty-ninth Street and Avenue J has been completed and is ready for use. The sanctuary is designed to seat approximately 230 persons.

The cornerstone of the new $75.000 sanctuary of Walnut Baptist Church is placed in ceremonies Sunday. Participating in the ceremony are the Rev. Dennis DeHaan, pastor; Marvin Sanders of 2837 Avenue J, a charter member, and John Childers of 3229…

The Long, Trim Lines...of the Walnut Grove Baptist Chapel educational unit are a far cry from the basement classroom of 1950.

A Special Feature...of the new unit--fold away classroom partitions--is demonstrated by Rev. Joseph Howland, pastor of the chapel.

Ready For this roomy church structure located in the Twin City Plaza community at 3005 Renner Drive. Mounds of dirt will be leveled when weather permit and other landscaping work done to beautify the exterior area of the edifice.

A contract for construction of the new Community Baptist Church on Renner Drive in Twin City Plaza was signed at the building site Thursday evening. The $37,290 Building will be constructed by the Jack L. Peters Construction Co. of Council Bluffs. …

One Of First Families...Mr. and Mrs. William Perry and son Jimmy, of Twin City Baptist Church look over the area from church sign.

Looking Over Land...designated for the construction of a new Baptist Church are Dr. Allan R. Knight, Melvin Smith and William V. Renner.

Baptist Church
22nd St. & Ave B
Formerly Second Baptist

This Brick Structure...will always be known by a number of families as Trinity Baptist Church's educational Unit. However, the church's senior members have disbanded, and the denomination has sold the facility to a Council Bluffs couple who plan to…

Miss Lola Thompson, 2419 Avenue E. talks about new construction on Trinity Baptist Church with worker Larry Wooley, 912 Cathy Lane. Miss Thompson, a long-time church member, is the former organist for the church.

The construction of the new front…

Trinity Baptist Church...which was moved to this corner of 22nd Street and Avenue B a few years after 1890, is to be torn down and replaced as off-street parking for its worshippers.

New Education Trinity Baptist Church has been completed and will be dedicated at special services Sunday. The addition will house classrooms and a pastor's study.
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