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Blond pews...are fine accent to redwood paneling and pastel green walls of Sanctuary

This Sketch...shows plans for the renovation of the Ridgecrest Southern Baptist Chapel that will be located at 1500 High St. A.J. Carrithers of Council Bluffs is the architect.

Redwood being installed to the outside walls of Ridgecrest Baptist Church, 1600 High St. Men caught on the job by the photographer were Sidney Swanson, Paul Il Ginn, Mickey Ray, and upon the scaffold, the Rev. H. E. Warren.

Renovating Completed...Ridgecrest Baptist Church, 1600 High St., is now ready for dedication.

Standing before the mother church...Ridgecrest Southern Baptist Church is its pastor, the Rev. Roger Steenrod and the Rev. Tom Cossert [sic], pastor of the First Baptist (Southern) Chapel of Carter Lake. Cossairt will preside at an organizational…

Baptist Church
Ridgecrest Southern
1500 High St.

An Open being painted on the north outside wall of Central Baptist Church by the Rev. James Channell of Sioux Falls, S.D. The Rev. Charles Proud, pastor of the church, is standing on the ladder below. The gigantic Bible measures 11 feet…

Central Baptist Church...graces a hilltop at the outskirts of Council Bluffs on some five acres of land. The cement block structure is painted white with charcoal trim. Ample parking area enables worshippers to park near the church at its ground…

The Rev. Charles Proud...looks over his spacious sanctuary which seats comfortably 300 worshippers. Its hanging lights, long windows an light paneling gives it a soft, well lighted effect of richness. The red carpeting in the aisles continues to…

Central Baptist Church
old Highway 6 & Orchard Ave
9/84 new Pastor: Rev. Glen Eveland (has own file)

exterior of new Prospect Park Baptist Church

interior of Prospect Park Baptist Church, with Rev. Robert Fry

exterior of Prospect Park Baptist Church

Exterior work of the Educational addition to Prospect Park Baptist Church is now completed, all but hanging one door, its pastor, the Rev. Robert Fry said Saturday. The vertical wood siding matches the church proper. With the new addition, Prospect…

The Rev. Michael Scott...looks over spacious area of the new educational unit's fellowship hall. All of the new area features parchment beige decorations.

Admiring Mountain Scene...behind the baptistry in the pulpit area of his new sanctuary is the Rev. Michael Scott

Prospect Park Baptist Church
1100 Harrison St.
Rev. Leo Young, pastor from 1979--
See: Young, Rev. Leo (2)

Arranging the auditorium of their new South View Baptist Chapel are Mr. and Mrs. Bill Waters. They are one of three couples from Valley View Baptist Church who have been given the outreach responsibility for another gospel preaching church…

South View Baptist Church 1979
8th St. & 21st Ave.
3/2/88 New pastor: Dwight Oswald

The Rev. Francis Hitch...places book on altar in Fellowship Hall. Junior workshop services will be conducted in this area each Sunday.
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