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In Its Heyday...the fountain in Bayliss Square was a popular meeting place for Council Bluffs residents, young and old alike. This photo is from an old postcard.

Architect's Sketch...shows the ground plan for Bayliss Square's proposed new fountain. The sketch looks north across the square. Sculpture location is on the left side of the pool. Circular areas in the lower part of the stone paved meeting court…

Dressing Up Bayliss Park...Park Supt. John Christensen, left, Park Board member Fred Schlott and Nurseryman William Hecht look over one of the new trees being planted.

After The Last Tree Was Felled Wednesday...the causes damage were removed, and citizens got a new view. Younger trees, growing well within the park sidewalks, are expected to branch out rapidly and replace the ones that were dropped.

Two weeks ago huge elms lined Bayliss Park along Pearl Street, cutting off the view to the north. They were 70 feet high and hung over the curb. Some were considered dangerous. After two minor damage claims were filed against the city by people…

Work started Monday morning removing old sidewalks from Bayliss Park to make way for new walks and a driveway to the speaker's platform. Hansen and Hansen, contractors, were granted a $3, 210 contract for the improvements. The grade will be raised…

This large boulder on the north side of Bayliss park commemorates the early travel upon the Moron Trail through Kanesville, now Council Bluffs, and is dedicated to the throngs who crossed Iowa in advance of the settlement here. It was presented by…

Bayliss Park Fountain at Christmastime (dusk or dawn)

Bayliss Park Fountain, couple eating lunch on park bench in front of fountain

Park Board Member Everett Shockey looks at the remains of Old Rusty in Bayliss Park. The Park Board is planning the installation of an elaborate, modern fountain at the site." [accessed via NewsBank search of Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil, on…

The fountain in Bayliss park gets a new coat of paint from city park employee Robert Hemmingsen. Plans to replace the landmark with a modern centerpiece have been set aside for this season. [accessed from NewsBank search of Council Bluffs Daily…

Spring Cleaning....The Bayliss Park Fountain is undergoing its initial stages of spring cleaning Wednesday, as park employee Norman Hensley[?] works on the top level. The fountain will be given a fresh spray coat as soon as a clean up is complete. …

photo of Bayliss Park Fountain, lit, at night

Postcard of Pearl Street looking North from Bayliss Park.

Seven postcards depicting Bayliss Park.

Thirteen postcards depicting Bayliss Park.

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Bayliss Park and Hotel Chieftain, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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