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Search for buried riverboat [on back of photo]
arm of crane of pit with water, 5 men standing around pit

Rustless Hook---used by riverboat crews to move heavy freight appeared out of the hold of the ship. Kerrmit Dybsetter inspects the 16-pound, hand-forged find.

Lost Boot...was thigh-high and had a very large foot with studded sole.

Bottles Of Stomach Bitters...distributed from Pittsburgh, Pa., are brought out of the riverboat by Harry Sorensen, owner of his construction firm, and one of his workmen.

The river boat Bertrand lies covered with seven feet of water as constant pumping operations drain the pool. Wayne Chord, public use specialist for the DeSoto Bend wildlife refuge said the water should be down in two weeks so workers can begin…

Pumping the main operation now in the search for treasure aboard the sunken Bertrand. Watching pipe lifted out of deep hole is Sam Corbin, one of the two treasure hunters.

Arrows indicate an edge of the port side, at left, and one rudder post of a river boat which has been buried under sand in the Missouri River bottom area for close to 100 years. The excavation is in the De Soto Bend wildlife refuge and is by Jesse…

Most Of The Exposed Deck...of the old steamboat being unearthed at De Soto Bend is covered with plastic. Part of the boat's engineworks are in foreground. Hole is where cargo is being sought.

Kermit Dybsetter, De Soto Bend Wildlife Refuge manager, examines two-gallon bottle of wine found on the boat. Another photo and story on page 8.

Measuring a Flask...of mercury which was one of eight uncovered by treasure searchers at De Soto Bend are Kermit Dybsetter, De Soto Bend Refuge manager, and Jerry Petsche, National Park Service archeologist [sic]. Among other things netted in the…

Newsmen loot at theo pen bow section of the sunken riverboat believed to the Bertrand which went down in 1865 after hitting a snag near what is now De Soto Bend wildlife refuge. Four cylinders of mercury, believed part of a 20-ton shipment, were…

On Display the Iowa Power and Light Co. window are artifacts recovered from the sunkrn riverboat Bertrand. The boat was uncovered in the old Missouri River channel at DeSoto Bend.

Hundreds Of Oysters...peanuts in shells, overcoats and bottles of ink are among the items removed from the Bertrand by Charlie Rankin, Omaha, an employe [sic] of Sorensen Sand and Gravel Co.

At The Bertrand Meeting...were (front) Wayne Chord, George Fischer, Sen. Tom Frey, Sen. James Griffin, Jackson Moore, Phil Morgan, (back) Rep. William Darrington, Newell Bowers, Mayor Protem [sic] of Missouri Valley, Vern Henrich, Missouri Valley…

Acting Refuge Manager...Wayne Chord looks over the supply of Bertrand relics stored in a remodeled garage. The temperature and humidity are controlled to prevent the items from deteriorating.

The Final Day ...of removing cargo from the Bertrand was Wednesday. Workers will wash and photograph the remains of the boat to prepare it for winter "storage."

Washing Down...artifacts recovered from the sunken steamer and recording them are the jobs of Fish and Wildlife Service personnel Bill Berns of Guttenburg and Nancy Osborne of Ames.

Viewing Artifacts... at DeSoto Wildlife Refuge Monday were Iowa Gov. and Mrs. Robert D. Ray.

Scientific Illustrator...Jerry Livingston and writer-editor Jerome Petsch look over photographs and drawings to piece together a diagram of the Bertrand.

Bagged Artifacts...salvaged from the downed steamboat Bertrand are being moved from storage to a temporary museum at De Soto Bend Wildlife Refuge near Missouri Valley. Howard Lubben, refuge administrative assistant, looks at the task of…
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