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Best Pictures of 1961

Stretching toward a lost horizon, ice locked Lake Manawa reflects a dying December sunset in this view from the northeast shore. Half shrouded by the cold gloom, deserted Campbell's boat dock waits in vain for fair weather fishermen to come and…

When the sun set west of this farm near Quick, cold rays bold-trimmed the clouds that cry of winter as they cross the Iowa sky. And the feed-stocked silo raised a stiff, silent finger in defense.

Workers Investigate...the best method of pulling this entanglement of freight cars apart. The derailment occurred when a rail broke on a feeder line of the Chicago and North Western at the north edge of Council Bluffs.

Lakeside Pileup: A piggyback trailer, full of hams, lies on its side only feet away from the pond in Lakeside Park at the north edge of Council Bluffs. The boxcar above is lying on another freight car, behind the trailer. The eight-car derailment…

Collapsed Greenhouse...owned by Clarence L. Hardiman sprawls in a heap of framing and glass after it toppled under the weight of snow Thursday on North Fifteenth Street.

Dressed For The Sheron Ganey, 3, as she views a tree limb that fell on her family's car. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ganey, 220 N. 6th St.

Photo of wreckage from accident with garbage truck and auto transport, with two men examining wreckage. Photo not used in the newspaper story, but associated with "Work Hour To Free Trapped Truck Driver," Daily Nonpareil 10-16-1961. Trapped driver…

Comforting Trapped Man...are Emergency Unit Capt. Logan Miller, Sheriff's deputies Virgil Elmore and Earl Pace. Wayne Chase holds his hand to his face.

Investigating Fatal Beating...are, left to right, Detective Leon Nelson, Deputy Count Att. Ross Caniglia, County Atty. Peter J. Peters and Detective R.R. Betchel (background). Victim's leg is shown in the right foreground. Intruder entered the…

Skimming The Waves...on North Fortieth Street near Avenue G is George Vogel, Jr., 13, hitched to his father's car. The Vogels, 622 N. 40th St., hauled out a makeshift surfboard when the Memorial Day storm created a pond 2 feet deep in the street and…

Pale And Shaken...Charles Edwin Kelly, 20, left, and Charles Noel Brown, 28, are searched by Traffic Officer C. R. Petersen and Detective F.A. (Mike) Kerns. The two men and their woman companion surrendered meekly when officers stopped their bus at…

This rust, New England winter scene is actually neither rustic nor New England. Freshly fallen snow has transformed the drainage ditch which runs through Mount Loretto school grounds in Council Bluffs into a winter brook complete with foot bridge.

When October becomes summer-warm, a walk outdoors brings an autumn bonus. Judy Juel, a Harlan High School junior, cuddles the feathery fall blooms of Pampas grass by a farm pond. The weather has been ideal for enjoying the fall colors.

Fractured Right Legs...put Eugene Adkins and Brian Jacobsen in this predicament.

Pool Of Rainwater...makes a pretty mirror for St. John's Lutheran Church at Willow Avenue and Seventh Street. The underlying cause was a leaf-choked culvert.
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