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Woman standing in front of a barbed wire fence, hills in the background.,

Two-Story House...fell into its own basement after it was undermined by heavy rains. The house was moved to a new foundation at Fifteenth Street and Avenue H within the past week.

Council Bluffs is treated to a canopy of rolling clouds Saturday morning following a .5 inch rainfall. This picture was taken on Broadway at Fourth Street by Jack Kennedy, Nonpareil photographer.

Aiko Yoshikawa, left, and Jacqueline Roy, right, foreign exchange students from Japan and France, share state tournament cheers with Judy Pedersen, center, Abraham Lincoln senior, as A.L. advanced to the basketball finals. "It's so exciting, " Aiko…

Truck Which Failed To Observe Sign...did this damage to Griswold storefronts early Wednesday.

Two Sisters of Mercy at bowling alley, one Sister is selecting a ball from the return.

Six Sisters of Mercy at bowling alley; one Sister selecting a ball.

A Sister of Mercy at bowling alley, at the end of the lane after releasing ball.

Sister of Mercy waiting inside the doors as students enter (at St. Albert's High School?)

Three Sisters of Mercy sitting by the scoring table at bowling alley.

Basketball game in high school gym; player with ball making drive under the basket.

Small boy drinking from outside water hose.

Although some people might find the large scaffolding in front of Rank's Department Store less than attractive, photographer Don Wright snapped this study in symmetry and geometric design. Ranks is remodeling the front of its building.
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