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Two-Story House...fell into its own basement after it was undermined by heavy rains. The house was moved to a new foundation at Fifteenth Street and Avenue H within the past week.

Jutting McPaul derailment, this flat car didn't get into orbit Tuesday. Its load, polished slabs of granite, slid off, foreground. Other picture on page 5.

Aiko Yoshikawa, left, and Jacqueline Roy, right, foreign exchange students from Japan and France, share state tournament cheers with Judy Pedersen, center, Abraham Lincoln senior, as A.L. advanced to the basketball finals. "It's so exciting, " Aiko…

Small boy drinking from outside water hose.

Basketball game in high school gym; player with ball making drive under the basket.

Three Sisters of Mercy sitting by the scoring table at bowling alley.

Sister of Mercy waiting inside the doors as students enter (at St. Albert's High School?)

A Sister of Mercy at bowling alley, at the end of the lane after releasing ball.

Six Sisters of Mercy at bowling alley; one Sister selecting a ball.

Two Sisters of Mercy at bowling alley, one Sister is selecting a ball from the return.

Woman standing in front of a barbed wire fence, hills in the background.,

Airplane wreckage. Photo apparently not used in the Nonpareil, but associated with photo and article from November 6, 1968, "Bluffs Couple Die In Airplane Crash". Notation on back: "Plane Crash 11-6-65" Couple killed were Ross A. Walker and Alta…

Best Photos 1962-1966

The a cornfield ripped the front end of the single-engined aircraft to shreds.

Fred W. Herbert...resigned last week as Cass County deputy auditor. He worked in the courthouse all but 10 years since 1898.

Through the changes in the season, through many generations, the boy and girl on the old iron fountain have kept watch over Bayliss Park. This unusual photo by Larry Sollazzo of The Nonpareil captures the pair in the fountain shower during a sliver…

Council Bluffs citizens were alerted Friday to be on the lookout for "Schnapps," a 10-foot tall St. Bernard which was last seen trotting down Pearl Street with a small foreign car instead of a wine keg dangling from her neck. The dog nearly ran over…

Like Fine this wintry work of nature on a wooded lane just off Timberlane. This picture was shot on the second day of spring.

With Aid Of Walking Sticks...Fireman Robert Carroll, an unidentified man, and Policemen C.E. Moore, Ronald Stevens, John Schweer, Herbert Mace and William Lane continue on their long trek to Missouri Valley and Back [sic].

Inspecting 3207 Sixth Avenue where the bodies of the fours children of Mrs. Richard M. Allen were found is Fire Capt. Earl Foster. The young brothers suffocated. Other Nonpareil Photo on page 12.
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