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Taking aim at a duck over Lake Manawa Saturday--opening day of the 1957 season--is Tom Hoden of 2630 S. 15th St. He found shooting from shore rather slow, but comfortable. It was shirt-sleeve weather and slightly overcast for the first time in more…

Happy Youngsters...spend their "emergency' holiday from school by trying to clear broken tree branches off of Keeline Avenue. Tugging at a limb are Robert Parrott, Richard and Marshall Collins and Marcia Martin. All live on the street. City street…

Call Of too great for these jonquils to be subdued by the snow. Shaking off part of their white coat, the flowers push upward for a breath of the crisp air. This picture was taken on Huntington Avenue.

Taking A Stroll---down the hospital corridor is Randy Roffman. The helping hands belong to Jennie Edmundson nurses.

A constant companion for Beverly Adams is her toy monkey, "Chum." The monkey, a "graduate" of two hospitals, sports a nurses' cap.
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