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The Unnerving Tragedy...of striking John Hines with her car is too much for Mrs. Alberta P. Siebert, who is aided here by neighbors. She is the mother of five young boys.

Comforting Injured Boy...before arrival of the Emergency Unit are his mother, Mrs. Leo Hines, and a passerby.

Epworth Scored A Run...following this action at third base in fourth inning Monday night when throw got away from Glendale's Dennis McIntosh. Dick Steffan finished his slide, got up and raced home before the ball was retrieved.
[Also in Daily…

Runaway Truck...came down Fourteenth Avenue, then took this wild route, shown by dotted line, between High and Pleasant Streets. It finally stopped between two houses in the background. The only victim was the garage.

This is the mangled hulk of the car in which four Massena High School seniors dies Wednesday morning on Highway 92 when their car rammed headon into a moving van near Massena. Picture was taken in a Cumberland parking lot. The black cat perched on…

Beaming Happily...Mrs. Bertha Ward reads a personal birthday greeting from Mamie Doud Eisenhower.

photo, from overpass, of interstate highway in rural area

A Huge Cleanup Job...faced Milwaukee work crews as they started removing wreckage of the 37-car derailment at the Mosquito Creek bridge near Persia. A section of the badly damaged bridge is visible in the center of the picture.
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