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The heat is nothing to lose your head over but this old gent in Bayliss Park appears to have done just that. Actually he was dropping his head on his chest while sitting in the shade. Recent highs of 107 and 110 are even too hot for a hat.

Holding Money Bag...from Shaver's Food Mart in Council Bluffs is Detective Donald Richie and an unidentified Omaha policeman. Nonpareil photo by Glen Fahrenkrug.

Unidentified Suspect...sits in a police cruiser at Fortieth Street and Interstate 80 in Omaha following his arrest. Nonpareil photo by Glen Fahrenkrug.

Missing Women...who didn't know they were missing are Mrs. Frank LaMantia and Mrs Richard Bunten, mother of Rick Bunten, store manager. They went out for a sandwich and were believed to have been abducted Nonpareil photo by Dave Decker..

Ol' Chance...may be a senior citizen in the canine world but to his master, Charles Thacjer, he's still top dog. The two met "by chance" 15 years ago.

Making Glass easy when taught by instructor Carlton Beers at Iowa School for the Deaf. Beers is the Iowa Handicapped Employe [sic] of the Year. Watching are Lyle Filkins of Elliott and Stacia Barron of Council Bluffs.

Giving The Beauty her little sister, Diana, requires nimble toes for Donna, who is a second-grader at the Oakland Elementary School.

Writing Her Name...with her artificial arm is Donna Joe [sic] Rock of Oakland, who was born without arms. She prefers to write and do others tasks with her feet.,

Asst. Police Chief Merle Sass...of Missouri Valley steps off distances at the scene of Friday's accident which killed five Southwest Iowa youths and injured two others. Greer auto came to rest (1) after it was in a collision with the Keairnes car…

Bicycle Pedaling...does wonders for the wind John Nelson, insurance agent, finds out when he joins the class on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Nonpareil Photos by Jack Kennedy.

It Was Easy To Put It On...but City manager Don Harmon grimaces as he attempts to work a few inches from his midsection with the aid of Ben Siepker, telephone engineer...[Nonpareil photos by Jack Kennedy]

The Entire Class...does 10 laps around the gym after a noon-hour exercise session. The Rev. Ralph Faisst, of St. John United Church of Christ, leas the way, followed by Morris Hester, the fitness director for the Y....[Nonpareil photos by Jack…

Pushups Has Its Ups And Downs...but Delman Campbell, insurance agent, one of 22 men enrolled in the YMCA physical fitness course, rinds the exercise easier with each session he attends. .[Nonpareil photos by Jack Kennedy]

No, the young man playing the violin in Bayliss Park was not caught by the fancy of April Fool's Day. Ten-year-old Walter Herndon Jr.'s park practice session was on the last day of March--Thursday afternoon--when something in the air invited you to…

Fighting Losing Battle...with a snow shovel are Linda McKay and Barbara Stroud, who live at 830 E. Pierce St.
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