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Big Lake

With the 10-inch dredge now operating in its third season, Big Lake has been deepened by a minimum of eight feet over approximately 12 acres. water lilies give the dredge operators toruble by clogging the intake of the suction line.

Mud And Water...pumped from the bottom of Big Lake spew from the end of the discharge line into a bed of rushes that will be filled to form new recreation area around the proposed 60-acre reclaimed lake. Both Parks Supt. Richard Hilligus and Dredge…

Mechanics, welders and operators from Pentizien Inc. of Omaha swarmed over the city Parks Department's new dredge at Big Lake getting the equipment ready to operate. Gary Cross of the parks departments will be trained as operator of the huge…

Just A Puddle...with a lot of weeds is the view of Big Lake north of Council Bluffs. It used to be a favorite fishing spot for Bluffs' residents.

Drinking Big Lake has been shut off the past two years due to corroded piping. A nearby spring water tap has been installed. Youngster pointing to Poet Longfellow's verse is Gary Aherns, 10, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Aherns of 2633…

Aerial C832 (4).tif
Aerial photograph of Big Lake

December 2007 Historical Society newsletter.

Postcard of fishing in Big Lake

Railroads I455.tif
Photograph of the Illinois Central Railroad Trestle over Big Lake north of Council Bluffs
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