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The Burlington Railroad Depot...has been purchased by Blue Star Foods Inc. whose main plant and offices are located across the street from the 79-year-old building. The depot has been used as a freight office since the advent of the Amtrak system and…

Blue Star Foods
1023 4th St.
See Also: Con Agra

James W. McLaughlin [photo cropped to head and shoulders in newspaper article]

Blue Star producing a "Dining Lite" lite [sic] of foods at its Council Bluffs plant, selling the entrees initially in Omaha and Dallas. The food line change is attributed to a change in lifestyle.

Food Cans...are shoveled from the second floor of the Blue Star plant by the truck load, as workmen start cleanup after fire.

Hooked For Surgery...on the boning line, the holiday bird is butchered by Mrs. Margaret Morrison, 21 Kimberly Drive.

A Ton Of perforated container is lowered by Walter Igou, 2725 S. 6th St., into a vat of bubbling cooking broth.

Charred the foreground held some 6,000 live chickens which were destroyed in the Blue Star fire at Atlantic. Company officials termed the plant a "total loss."

On This Pie Line...workers put out part of the 225,000 per day production

Boning chickens...for Blue Star are 125 women at the plant here. Machine in the foreground is a meat dicer.

color photo of Blue Star Foods logo on the side of the building at 25 Main Place

Blue Star Foods' float, which featured both the plant building and the space shuttle Challenger. [photo part of parade photo collage].

Photo of exterior of Blue Star Foods building, with Blue Star semi and a train

William and John Kaplan show off their line of frozen foods. The local company has shifted its emphasis away from government contracting.

nighttime photo of firefighters on ladders, with hoses, entering building's second story windows; smoke at top of photo

photo of corner of Blue Star Produce Inc. building. at 4th Street and 11th Avenue. Also on building signs: Eggs, Poultry

photo of Pioneer Storage Company Public Warehouse building. Also shows sign for Corn Belt Adhesives.
Wiring on back indicates Blue Star
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