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Bluffs Arts Council (BAC)

Providing An Example...of business/art partnership, Omaha's Riley Building highlights city's heritage while promoting building's occupants; a real-estate company, interior designer and advertising agency. Michael's owners expressed admiration for…

Participating in Wednesday's dedication of the fountain at the Ruth Anne Dodge Memorial were, from left, Mayor Tom Hanafan, Council Bluffs Arts Council President Phyllis Otto, Hitchcock Foundation President Denman Kountze, Council member Jane Peters…

The "Black Angel," near Fairview Cemetery. The statue's fountain is now flowing again. --Nonpareil Photo

Mayda Goodberry . . . a bronze expert, works at the base of the Ruth Ann Dodge Memorial in Fairview Cemetery Wednesday. A restoration project is being sponsored by the Bluffs Arts Council. --Nonpareil Photo by Steve Glowacki.
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