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Botna Bend Park
(second park developed by Pott. Co. Conservation Board)
Hancock, Iowa

One of the newest additions to the Botna Bend Park's Wildlife exhibit, an elk calf, tries to catch up with its mother Wednesday. It has been 11 years since the park has had elk calves and two have arrived in the past two weeks. Nonpareil photo by…

The bull elk at Botna Bend Park at Hancock takes a break under a small shade tree in his pen to get away from Southwest Iowa's warm summer sun. The tree is in its own pen to keep the elk from devouring the leaves.

Few travelers stop to see them during the winter so the buffalo, elk and deer get to eat their meals in peace these days at Botna Bend Park at Hancock. In this scene, the animals crowd around a pile or [sic] loose hay at the north end of the park. …

Feeding time at Botna Bend Park near Hancock is a time when friends can gather together over a good chunk of hay and talk about the good times. But one of the former residents of the park, an elk, is missing daily meals with Dave, the park's bull…

Trapped In Botna Bend Park At Hancock...when the West Nishnabotna River went over its banks were the baby buffafo, Dimples, his mother, Daisy, and stepfather, Dave. The buffaloes and the park elks were forced to stand on high ground for nearly 36…

Elk at Botna Bend Park at Hancock were able to make their way to a fence line where debris caught created a small waterfall and gave them shallower water in which to stand until the West Nishnabotna River recedes. The baby elk, Sally, was moved to…

photo of baby elk lying down, with a cast on its right leg. This photo was not used in the article, but the caption with the photo that was in the Nonpareil reports that the baby elk was tossed in the air by a buffalo, and broke its leg.

There's trouble on the range where the buffalo roam at the Botna Bend County Park at Hancock. Things were going just hunky-dory for Doris (right) until Daisy (center) came along and started hoofing around with Dave (left). Dave cast a wooly eye in…

Botna Bend Park...dedicated Wednesday at Hancock, is viewed by Ward Garrett, Frank Stempel, Harold Borwick and John Scheffler.
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