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"Now" Is Any Autumn Afternoon...looking east on Broadway toward the Fourth Street intersection citizens see the spot where parades have marched in tribute to local heroes for 55 years.

Looking west from north side of Broadway and the viaduct, at about 8th or 9th Street. Land is cleared, with small mounds of dirt dotting the strip of land.

Broadway Viaduct...has already carried thousands of vehicles over the railroad tracks.
[looking west from 8th Street]

Photo from street level, beside (below) the Broadway viaduct from next to Nav's Tavern at 1013 West Broadway.

Broadway Past & Present6-4-53 Unearth Fire well at Main & Broadway12-15-53 Broadway surfacing in Two feet deep in spotsSee also "Council Bluffs West" 3


Cracked cement and for sale signs...spell a gloomy picture on vacant buildings like this one at Pearl Street and Broadway. The handsome building has been vacant for years.

Scattered weeds...peak[sic] through the sidewalks near 28th Street and Broadway as well as other spots along the strip. Weeds are not unique to any one spot along the strip.

Road and business signs...welcome eastbound visitors to Council Bluffs. Wedged in between the Second Avenue sign and the noise ordinance sign is a notice that this site will someday hold a "municipal recognition sculpture." Putting up a sign for…

Less than optimistic in appearance...lots up for sale seem to be havens for weeds.

Future plans...look bright for the Wickham-Beno buildings in the 500 block of West Broadway, but for many months now, windows have simply been papered over.

Flowers and this at Burger King, 3209 W. Broadway, have made several restaurants, banks and other kinds of businesses notable exceptions on a drive through Council Bluffs via Broadway.

Though it's the nature of the business...a scrap metal operation isn't a very pretty panorama picture as travelers pass over the Broadway viaduct between 15 and 8th Streets.

Bill Hargis...(left) and Terry Gilliland have been working on a graphic design for Diamond Vogel Paint Store, 2320 W. Broadway. A few coats of paint could make a big difference for some of the businesses in the area.

Overgrown weeds...mar the view of buildings and streets along much of Broadway.

Old Fire Main Street and Broadway is being uncovered by power shovel before it is filled in with sand and covered up permanently. Not the spectators at left. Traffic in background is being routed off Broadway at Fourth Street.

The common wall joining the First National Bank and the Beno building on West Broadway has become a $13,000 stumbling block in proposed demolition of the long-vacant Beno, Wickham, and Kresge buildings. Mayor Tom Hanafan said he would veto a…

Part of downtown Council center is the corner of West Broadway at Main and Fourth Streets where four banks or savings and loans are located.

The Old Neumeyer House...just west of Second Street and Broadway has been a hotel since it was built in 1879 by Oscar Neumeyer. The structure originally had 88 rooms, a dining and bar areas on the ground floor and a stable in the rear. The lower…

Small Stores...along Broadway typified the architecture of their day--each different but just about the same. Reminiscent of the "mom and pop" stores of another era, most of the second story apartments have been vacant for a number of years. Now…
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