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Council Bluffs is treated to a canopy of rolling clouds Saturday morning following a .5 inch rainfall. This picture was taken on Broadway at Fourth Street by Jack Kennedy, Nonpareil photographer.

Parades P373a.tif
Five photographs of parade of an unidentified traveling show on Broadway.

Business T535.tif
Photograph of businesses on Broadway and North 1st street in Council Blufss, Iowa. T. J. Clark, Grocer; A. S. Beck; S. Stern; Imbrie & Davidson hardware; Johnson Spratler & Co., groceries dry goods.

Broadway L665a see note on back.tif
Reproduction of a postcard of Upper Broadway.

Broadway E547.tif
Photographic reproduction shows an etching of Broadway street in Council Bluffs (Iowa) as it looked in 1851; features street, wagon traffic, cattle, and signs: "U. S. Land Office," "Council Bluffs Bugle," and "Outfitting Goods."

Broadway B763g.tif
Postcard of Broadway looking west.

Broadway A25 Joe Smith & Co, Ted's  Card & Pen Shop, IOOF, Kinney's Shoes.tiff
Four photographs of 400 block West Broadway


1925 W Broadway.tif
Photograph of 1925 West Broadway

S Broadway at 15th.tif
Photographs of 1500 Block of West Broadway

NW Broadway & 15th.tif
Two photographs of the Northwest Corner of West Broadway and 15th St.

1500 W Broadway.tif
Photograph of 1500 West Broadway

1323 1325 W Broadway.tif
Photograph of building at 1323 & 1325 West Broadway

S `1400 Broadway.tif
Three photographs of the 1400 block of West Broadway

N 1300 Broadway.tif
Two photographs of the 1300 block of West Broadway.

E Broadway & Frank.tif
Photograph of SE corner of East Broadway & Frank St.


612 614 E Broadway.tif
Four photographs of 612 & 614 East Broadway

600 E Broadway.tif
Three photographs of 600 East Broadway

803 E Broadway.tif
Two photographs of 803 East Broadway

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819 E Broadway.tif
Three photographs of 819 East Broadway

823 E Broadway.tif
Three photographs of Antique Shop at 823 East Broadway