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Fire Fighters - World Radio 1-4-1954.tif
World Radio Laboratories building at 738-44 West Broadway.

Fire Fighters - Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway 11-4-1952.tif
Wigwam Grocery, Cunningham Grocery, Hansen's Pastry Shop 100-104 W Broadway.

Fire Department Wickham Bldg Fire 1917 (2).tif
Photograph of the Wickham Building fire.

Fire Department Wickham Bldg 522 W Broadway pre-1900.tif
Photographs of the Wickham Building at 522 W. Broadway

Ak-SAR-ben Bridge Approach.tif
6 photos of West Broadway at Ak-Sar-Ben bridge approach


NW Broadway & 15th.tif
Two photographs of the Northwest Corner of West Broadway and 15th St.

100 Block of West Broadway Commerical District NR Designation_201312201417455396.pdf
National Register of Historic Places Registration Form for 100 Block of West Broadway - Historic District in Council Bluffs. Includes descriptions of buildings and history.

West Broadway,.tif
2 photos of West Broadway (West of 37th St)

NE 37th & Broadway.tif
3 photographs of West Broadway (37th , N.E. corner)

Broadway W478 (stereo card) see note on back.tif
Stereograph image of West Broadway street in Council Bluffs (Iowa) from 4th street.

WWI W453c1of4.tif
4 photographs of the welcome home parade on Broadway for soldiers returning from World War I.

Broadway V549.tif
Reproduction of a drawing of a view on Broadway looking east.

Photograph of Upper Broadway. East from approximately Fourth Street.

Old Fire Main Street and Broadway is being uncovered by power shovel before it is filled in with sand and covered up permanently. Not the spectators at left. Traffic in background is being routed off Broadway at Fourth Street.

Today...Broadway has smooth concrete surfacing along this stretch. The paving was done with modern equipment in a fraction of the time it took to surface streets in the early 1900s. This picture was taken from the Thirty-first St. corner, looking…

Today...most of the building at right, formerly World Radio Laboratories, has been burned out. The corner drugstore is being remodeled to make room for the Broadway Viaduct, which will begin at Eighth St. Far down Broadway all buildings have been…

Today...the scene has undergone many changes. There are new buildings, new businesses and a new street--minus the old streetcar tracks. The Strand Theater stands where the Revere Hotel did. And a cafe occupies the Bracket [sic] store site. There…

Today...the same stretch of Broadway has a modernized appearance. The buses, at lower left, have replaced the streetcars. And automobiles are everywhere. Few buildings remain that can be compared with those in the old picture. Missing are the…

Today...the same buildings have kept up with the times, with a series of renovations and remodeling. The most recent remodeling was that of the building at the extreme right, following a fire several years agao.

Today...this same section of Broadway takes on a much different appearance. Few buildings along the section remain the same. New paving, new street lighting, and new buildings account for the cleaner look. The old watering trough has been moved.
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