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Photograph of the former Council Bluffs Savings Bank on the corner of Pearl and Broadway.

Broadway A12.jpg
Photograph of Roger's barber shop, Wallace Printing, 200 - 212 West Broadway

Broadway A14.jpg
Photograph of Cook Paint, Happy Hour Lounge, Carl's Service, 238-3-6 West Broadway

Broadway A19.jpg
Photograph of People's Store, 308-320 West Broadway.

Photograph of Brown's Shoes, Yum Yum Tree, Capitol Optical, 326-334 West Broadway.

Broadway A23.jpg
Photograph of Bushman Carpet, Morris Paint, 345 West Broadway.

Broadway A26.jpg
Photograph of Walgreens drugstore, 400 West Broadway.

Broadway A27.jpg
Photograph of Brodkey's, Clark Drug Co., 418-420 West Broadway.

Broadway B763c.jpg
Photograph of Broadway street at night looking west from 4th street.

Broadway B763e.jpg
Photograph of Broadway looking east from 6th street.

Broaway B763h (2).jpg
Photograph of Broadway in Council Bluffs, 1864. Looking west from 4th street.

Churches B363c.jpg
Photograph of the exterior of Broadway Methodist Church, Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Theaters B763.jpg
Photograph of the Broadway Theater, Council Bluffs.
Billboard reads: "Colleen Moore in "Why be good" - Three Vitaphone Vodvil Comedy Acts."

Broadway B879k.jpg
Two photograph of a large crowd on Broadway, Council Bluffs (Iowa).

Broadway B763j.jpg
Photograph of the corner of Main and Broadway in Council Bluffs (Iowa), 1868. Features the Pacific House Hotel, P. C. DeVol Store and Officer & Pusey Bank.

Stereographic picture of an old cottonwood tree on the corner of Broadway and Pearl.

Printed on back of image: "The old cotton wood tree, corner of Broadway and Pearl St., Council Bluffs, condemned to be cut down by the Council, but saved by theā€¦

Floods F566t.tiff
Corner of Broadway and Main. Beno Dept. Store, Clark and Elliot Drugs, DeVol and Sons. Flood of 1903. August 26, 1904.

Wilcox J495k.tif
Photograph of the exterior of the J. F. Wilcox & Sons Inc. store at 521 West Broadway.

Broadway A18.jpg

Woolsey's Restaurant, S. T. Walker & Co., Job printing

Broadway A24.jpg
Photograph of 400 Block of Broadway. Deetken & Co. Druggists, William Groneweg & Co., groceries; H. Eiseman & Co., clothing.
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