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The attractive rough brick exterior...of Broadway Christian Church will always be a conversation piece as it restores a bit of yesteryears in Council Bluffs to the community. The brick once surfaced West Broadway and is remembered by many senior…

Checking total of offerings...that were placed in the food bowl the past two Sundays is the Rev. Dr. Richard Kilgore. The bowl will be setting on a pedestal at the back of the sanctuary through the month.

Discussing territories...being mapped out for religious survey are Larry Roberts of Epworth United Methodist Church and chairman of the survey committee, the Rev. Richard Kilgore, pastor of Broadway Christian Church, and Dale Halvorson of Shepherd of…

Discussing Lenten Ceremony...with ashes as observed in the Roman Catholic Church are the Rev. Dr. Richard Kilgore of Broadway Christian Church and the Rev. Howard Fitzgerald, an associate pastor at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. Nonpareil photo by…

Celebrating...the 50th anniversary of the Broadway Christian Church are Arthur J. Rogers, 130 Park Ave., the Rev. Traverce Harrison, Pastor, and William H. Schupp, 2600 Fifth Ave. Rogers and Schupp, charter members of the church established in 1927,…

Looking Over New Broadway Christian Church is the Rev. Traverce Harrison, pastor, and Mrs. Alice Piercy, church secretary. The chapel is located within the educational unit. The stained glass window was installed to enhance its…

Before Refurbishing Began...several months ago the same Primary Department looked like this. At the time the Rev. Mr. Boling pointed out changes to be made.

Primary now an attractive, roomy area for study and play. James Amend and the Rev. Benny Boling proudly check to be sure everything is ready for classes Sunday.

Taking Last mortgage of sanctuary are the Rev. Benny Boling, Jr. Jess Jenkins and Mrs. Fred Coley

New Parsonage...of Broadway Christian Church is accented with large panel windows, white shingles and green roof.

A Simple And Attractive Design...makes up the interior of the sanctuary. Blocks of cedar paneling cover the front wall. Pulpits are at either side of the center aisle. The sanctuary has a seating capacity of 325.

The new Broadway Christian Twenty-seventh St. and Avenue A. The $90,000 sanctuary is on the right,m adjoining the old remodeled church.

An Unusual the rough concrete pattern on the church exterior. The Rev. Fred Coley and W.D. Shadwick, chairman of the building committee, examine the design.

This Is The Sketch...drawn by Architect I.T. Carrithers for the remodeling and construction project planned and Broadway Christian Church. Paving bricks from Broadway may be used in part of the building.

photo of church building, barn-like structure with white siding. Photo has been edited in the area of the grounds and curb, and parts of the foundation.
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