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Broadway United Methodist Church
11 S. 1st St.
Parsonage: 255 Zenith Drive--Built 1964

Discussing dedication service...of memorial items, including the pulpit Bible are the Rev. Dr. James V. Poulson and the Rev. R. Edwin Haworth St. Dr. Poulsen is senior pastor at Broadway United Methodist Church and the Rev. Mr. Haworth, associate…

Admiring Memorial...marker which records historical statistics of church is Mrs. Arthur (Gertrude) Bostedt and the Rev. Donald Arthur.

Worshippers observing the bulletin board in front of Broadway Methodist Church are puzzled? They can't find February 30 on their calendars as the board has scheduled for worship. One thing about it--the church secretary, Mrs. Olive Leffler is…

Like a space rocket blasting off, the new spire starts its trip to the top of the tower on the Broadway Methodist Church Wednesday afternoon as more than 1,000 spectators watch the job. The new steeple extends 150 feet above the street. See page 3…

Broadway_United_Methodist_ Church_3_8_1965_007.jpg
Consecration Broadway Methodist parsonage was conducted by Bishop James S. Thomas, right, assisted by Dr. E. Everett Staats, Dr. J. Henry Teele, Leslie M. Ward, chairman of the board of trustees, and the Rev. William Ballard.

Broadway_United_Methodist_ Church_8_15_1962_006.jpg
This stray ivy plant has taken root near the top of the clock tower at Broadway Methodist Church, First Street and Broadway. And you can credit the birds, who probably carried a seed or piece of vine to the tower. The plant, on the north side of…

Broadway_United_Methodist_ Church_3_17_1958_005.jpg
Placing The Cornerstone...for the Educational Unit at Broadway Methodist Church are Eldon Butler and Carl Beason. The Rev. Glenn A. Parrott looks on.
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