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Today...there is hardly any comparison with the 70-year-old picture. Pearl and Broadway has a different look, with the State Savings Bank building taking up the biggest share of the picture. Gone are the horses, streetcars, and even the old trees…

Today...the same block has a complete change in buildings. The City National Bank Building, and Beno's Store at left, demonstrate the modern trend in business buildings. The Dixie Shops and Buck's Booterie occupy the other two buildings.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--Back in 1868, these buildings occupied the north side of Broadway between Main and Pearl Sts. The ground floor corner office, at right, was occupied by Officer and Pusey bankers. Next were: B. Newman, clothing store;…

Cracked cement and for sale signs...spell a gloomy picture on vacant buildings like this one at Pearl Street and Broadway. The handsome building has been vacant for years.
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