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A truck is loaded with household items during the flood evacuation on April 13, 1952

Women prepare coffee at the Hamburg Canteen on April 20, 1952

Sharing a meal on April 17, 1952

Soldier tending a smoky fire on April 16, 1952

Surveying the flooded Missouri River
April 1952

Council Bluffs, Iowa - - Making sure that childred in evacuation shelters remained in good health was the responsibility of the nursing staff assigned to evacuation shelters during the Council Bluffs flood threat. Red Cross nurse Mrs. Gene Barnett,…

Flood of 1943

Mr. and Mrs Bill Tyson, flood victims, muse over hat that once was new.

Men filling sandbags
Flood of 1943

Sandbagged road near the Missouri River
Flood of 1943

Removal of sandbags in order to release flood water in East Omaha
Flood of 1943

Loading trucks with sand
Flood of 1943

Typhoid inoculations at Manawa following the Flood of 1943

Part of the crew of over 100 Thomas Jefferson high school students who Wednesday responded to the call of the city for volunteer help to aid in filling bags and building up the west-end Missouri river levee. A like number from Abraham Lincoln high…

Several hours after the rising of flood water of the Missouri rolled over a county road at the Narrows, north of the city limits, scores of acres between the highway and the Illinois Central railroad (right center) were inundated. The flood water…

Completely sand-bagged against the threat of Missouri river flood water is the Council Bluffs waterworks pumping station, located just a few feet away from the stream. Pumping equipment inside the station is located in deep concrete pits, well below…

The old army game had already started at the Armory Saturday morning as three men from the Fairfield detachment, Jack Zierlien, John Hay, and Frank R. Danielson, settle down in a corner to guard some of the medical division's equipment.

Unloading of the three state liquor trucks was proceeding at a brisk pace with four company K Red Oak men, upper row, Pvt. D.C. Johnson and Pvt. Dean Dutton, and Pvt. Dana Fuller, and Pvt. Victor Peterson, bottom, helping with the blankets.

This section of East Omaha, just east of the Pottawattamie county line, looked like a scene from Venice as the Nonpareil's aerial photographer swept over it Saturday afternoon.

Flood waters rolling in from the muddy Missouri had completely isolated this farm from the surrounding countryside when this air view was taken. Two horses left on the farm can be seen in the upper right-hand corner, belly deep in the flood.
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