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City sewer employees have dubbed this flow of backwater from the Sixth avenue sewer manhole in Dodge park as "Old Faithful." The top of the manhole is below the river level, and is pouring thousands of gallons of water on the golf course. The pipe…

Silent Vigils . . . were kept round the clock to watch the river along the flashboard, backed with dirt and walled with rows of sandbags. Miles of wire were strung to allow night-and-day work on the hurriedly built defenses. Council Bluffs went…

As the crest passed the Dodge Riverside pumping station here early Tuesday and hundreds of workers who had toiled around the clock went home for rest, two lone patrolmen of the Iowa State Guard are shown as they meet at the junction of their patrol…

Herman Olsen, who lives at 36 Pickard Lane, Lake Manawa, rows his boat right up the street, almost to his front door. The flood waters covered a vast area of land surrounding Lake Manawa, but did not reach into the center of the village.

Normally this is the road that motorists use to travel around the southeast tip of Lake Manawa. Monday afternoon flood waters had covered the road to a depth of about 18 inches, poured over the floors of half a dozen cottages located at the end of…

Flood waters from the Missouri, sweeping into Lake Manawa from the south and southeast, completely surrounded the Council Bluffs Country Club late Monday, and water flowed up a swale to within a couple blocks of the road south of the Manawa school.

Flood of 1943

Flood of 1943

Mr. and Mrs Bill Tyson, flood victims, muse over hat that once was new.

Men filling sandbags
Flood of 1943

Sandbagged road near the Missouri River
Flood of 1943

Removal of sandbags in order to release flood water in East Omaha
Flood of 1943

Loading trucks with sand
Flood of 1943

Typhoid inoculations at Manawa following the Flood of 1943

Council Bluffs, Iowa . . . Red Cross is right on the job of serving thousands of workers who are building dikes along the waterfront of this city. Photo shows Harold Bernstein, a dike worker from Council Bluffs, Iowa, as he receives some nourishment…

Red Cross volunteer Winona Coker has no trouble caring for her small charges in Danish Hall, emergency Red Cross shelter at Council Bluffs, as long as there is television to keep them rapt-eyed and quiet. The children are among the 48 persons…

Council Bluffs, Iowa - Mrs. Dan Shuffler, Red Cross volunteer, makes sure Mrs. George Jacobs (left) and her five children have plenty of milk with their noonday meal at on e of the 23 Red Cross shelters opened here to house families fleeing the…

Flood Emergency - G.S.\
Col. Person and B/Gen. Chorpening (OCE) inspecting the levee.
Council Bluffs - 14th St. Levee

Council Bluffs, Iowa -- Caring for scores of children evacuated from their homes, while their parents are working during the flood emergency has become a major Red Cross job in this community. Shown here are children from low-lying homes in the…

Council Bluffs, Iowa . . . Photo shows Red Cross Disaster worker Lillian McKinnon, of the mid-western area, as she hands an emergency message to Mr. Leo Meyerson, in the Red Cross disaster office in this city. Mr. Myerson is the communications…
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