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A human chain passes sandbags along at the North Levee in Council Bluffs.

One of the great worries of the flood was sandboils, caused by water seeping under the levees and breaking through the earth behind them. Sandboils near the Douglas Street bridge on the Iowa side are ringed with sandbags.

Levee breach on the Missouri River
April 1952

North Levee, Council Bluffs, IA
April 1952

Filling sandbags to shore up the levee in Council Bluffs
April 15, 1952

Flood Emergency - G.S.\
Col. Person and B/Gen. Chorpening (OCE) inspecting the levee.
Council Bluffs - 14th St. Levee

Atop the sand-bagged, dirt bulwarked levee, which held the crest of the Missouri river flood waters away from Council Bluffs are, left to right, Mayor S.W. McCall, Lt. Gen. M.A. Tinley, commander of the Iowa state guard; Gov. B.B. Hickenlooper of Des…

Top - Clearing Excess Rock . . . from a Missouri River levee near the Water Works intake station is this barge-based Army Engineers drag line. Rock was dumped on foot of levee during last year's flood fight.

Bottom - New Dike Piling . . . being…
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