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Sandbags along the levee in Council Bluffs

Aerial view of a secondary levee, one-half mile below the primary North levee in Council Bluffs. It is 1.75 miles long, built over 28 sets of railroad tracks and was constructed in just 2.5 days.

Sandbagging efforts near a sewer outlet on the Missouri River

History Revisited: From out of the past come these scenes of the epic struggle that saved Council Bluffs from the rampaging Missour River 10 years ago this spring. Typical of those stirring times was this bit of drama on the levee near Playland Park.…

Mighty Defender . . . mans the ramparts on the levee. This giant diesel-powered earth mover was one of 10 on the job. Each was capable of hauling 30 cubic yards of dirt per load to form emergency levees.

Volunteers are putting up flashboard on the Council Bluffs side of the Missouri river a few days before the expected crest.

Plank roadway was being laid by volunteers on the levee near Big Lake on Monday. Later, trucks will haul dirt and sand for two miles along this stretch of levee to "beef up" against "wash waves."

Silent Vigils . . . were kept round the clock to watch the river along the flashboard, backed with dirt and walled with rows of sandbags. Miles of wire were strung to allow night-and-day work on the hurriedly built defenses. Council Bluffs went…

Sandbagging efforts along the flooded Missouri River

Nighttime sandbagging efforts

Working on the railroad tracks

Sandbagging along the Missouri River levee near Council Bluffs

Sandbagging efforts along the Missouri River

Levee breach on the Missouri River
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