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Churches S774b.tif
Photograph of the exterior of St. Peter's Church.

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Group photograph outside of Delong Mission No. 2, Council Bluffs.

1st Christian (2).tif
Ten photos of First Christian Church - NW corner of Mynster St. and Scott St and educational unit on south side.

Christian Church.tif
Christian Church at end of Mynster St. on North 6th

St. Peter's Parish Hall.tif
Church on West Pierce. St. Peter's Parish Hall.


301 W. Pierce.tif
Photographs of 301 West Pierce St. in Council Bluffs.

Adventist-Seventh Day. 142 Valley View Dr. 8/4/1984 New pastor : Tom Scull
Program to mark 80th Birthday. March 26, 1966
Adventists relocate. May 3, 1969
Plan ribbon cutting Seventh-Day Adventists relocate. October 28, 1972
Adventists provide…

Adventist_ Seventh_Day_10_28_1972_01.jpg
New House of Worship . . . of the Seventh-day Adventists is a stately structure of simulated brick, located on the corner, at 440 E. Pierce St. A side entrance will be marked to direct persons to its newly set up Health and Welfare Center. -…

Leading Clothing Boxes . . . into pickup are Pastor Anton Fritz, Mrs. Mirzalee Rapp and Fred Rawlings. - Nonpareil Photo.

Assembling Clothing . . . in the Dorcas Center are Mrs. Wilfred Rawlings and Mrs. Mirza L. Rapp. Each box on the ceiling high shelves in the background will eventually be marked designating articles of clothing and sizes enclosed. - Nonpareil Photo.

Postcard depicting a proposed christian church in Council Bluffs, Iowa.