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Congregational Church Council Bluffs erected in fall and winter of 1869 & 1870. Basement occupied March 31, 1870. Destroyed by a gale of wind May 6, 1870. Rebuilt (except spire) 1870 & 1871.

Getting The Feel . . . of the new pipe organ at First Congregational Church is Mrs. T.A. Sheil, church organist, as the Rev. Harold Davenport watches over her shoulder.

The First Congregational Church . . . at 611 First Ave., since 1891. However, the present edifice had four predecessors.

Rev. George Rice, who came to Council Bluffs (then Kanesville) in 1851, and William Simpson, a Methodist missionary, who was succeeded by Rev. Moses F. Shinn, owned jointly the first non-Mormon church and school building.
It was a hewn log house at…

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Caption: Congregational Church erected in 1854 & 1855 on Pearl St. ground now occupied by [...] block begun in Aug 1854 and finished in Spring of 1855. Vacated Sept. 12, 1869.
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