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J.L. Moore Funeral Sept. 15, 1899.jpg
A photograph of the funeral procession of J. L. Moore on September 15, 1899.

A Fireman's Hat...brings a coy smile from Bryan Baber, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Baber, 125 Langstrom St.

Fireman's Membership Certificate.pdf
Council Bluffs Fireman's Membership Certificate. Certifies that J. W. Peregoy is an active member of Council Bluffs City Fire Engine Co. No. 1

Roosevelt School fire

Firemen were called to Roosevelt School at 2:42 am on Valentine’s Day, 1966. The fire destroyed much of the building, leaving only the 1953. The thousands of gallons of water used to fight the blaze covered the gutted building in a thick layer of…

Photograph of Thomas Flynn, firefighter

Photograph of Robert R. Dygert, Council Bluffs Fire Department.

Walter L. Doiel, Council Bluffs Fire Department.
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