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The Pride Of Its Day . . . was this barn complex on the Hopkins farm south of Council Bluffs. Hopkins had hoped to make another fortune raising the finest livestock in the country. The Missouri River finally mired his empire and he moved to Colorado…

The Large Crew . . . required to keep the herds of hogs fed were housed in "the bunkhouse," which later burned down.

The Ranch Manager . . . J.S. Cusak and his family lived in this house on the ranch. Cusak was assistant director of the venture.

Water Tank . . . on the Hopkins ranch was kept white and shiny by some of the crew. Powerhouse was at the base of tower.

Towering Walnut Trees . . . shaded the comfortable hideaway of Mr. and Mrs. Berne Hopkins south of Council Bluffs. The three-story log cabin was left over from the Omaha Trans-Mississippi Exposition of 1898 and was moved to the site by Ben Marks,…

The Historic Log House . . . south of Council Bluffs between 1907 and 1918 sported a small herd of elk (almost hidden in this photo in clump of trees at left). The house, a left-over from the Trans Mississippi Exposition, has a colorful background.

Fabled Log House . . . of Council Bluffs' "hog ranch" may be named a state historical monument soon if the present owner Earl Root gets his wish. The structure was used as a gambling house in the early 1900s and was later the site of an abortive…

Elaborate Log House . . . is one of the more interesting aspects of the legendary 'Hopkins Hog Ranch" now owned by Earl Root.

Part of the improvement program underway on Highway 64 between Council Bluffs and Neola is the relocation of a short section of the highway at the top of Canning Hill. The curve in the present paving will be eliminated and a new, straight section of…

'Cowpath' Shoulders . . . are being widened west of Neola as preparation for the new surfacing of "the roughest road between here and Florida."

Pondering Plans . . . for a modernized Highway 64 are Clarence Russell of Weston, Raymond Kassell of Ames, Ralph Beck of Underwood and R.M. Terry of Weston.

Gayle Gosnell: Council Bluffs Woman Disappeared After Being Granted Recent Furlough

Gayle Jeane Gosnell: Re-arrested in Oklahoma after having disappeared on furlough Aug. 18.
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