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Today...the same site (below) appears like this. The composite of two photographs reveals a big change in the last half-century. Some buildings remain that appear in the earlier picture, but they have undergone extensive remodeling. note how…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: A look at Pearl Street south from Broadway in the early 1900s shows that the horse and buggy and the high-wheeled street car were the principal means of transportation. And women were wearing dresses which practically…

Today...the progress of 55 years is seen at a glance. The new home of the First Federal Savings and Loan Assn. occupies the corner. Beyond that the present Council Bluffs Savings Bank and the State Savings Bank continue the trim view provided by…

Council Bluffs Changing Scene: This is the south side of Broadway looking west from Main Street as it appeared in 1903. In the foreground is the First National Bank Building and behind it the four-story Council Bluffs Savings Bank. The…

Today...Pearl Street has taken on a modern appearance. Note the new bank building, new store fronts, streamlined automobiles, parking meters and modern street lights.

Council Bluffs Changing Scene--This is Pearl Street, looking north from near the Hotel Chieftain in 1936. Streetcars were still running and the Council Bluffs Savings Bank building towered above other Pearl Street structures. The picture was made…

Today...the same stretch of Broadway has a modernized appearance. The buses, at lower left, have replaced the streetcars. And automobiles are everywhere. Few buildings remain that can be compared with those in the old picture. Missing are the…

Today...this same section of Broadway takes on a much different appearance. Few buildings along the section remain the same. New paving, new street lighting, and new buildings account for the cleaner look. The old watering trough has been moved.

Today...the Main St. wing of the the Council Bluffs Savings Bank building is on the site. Carpenters are putting the finishing touches to a new feature, a sidewalk teller window. The Ole Rasmussen Co. now operates at 347 W. Broadway.

Today...the same St. Peter's Church spire still stands, but the other buildings have either been rebuilt or remodeled. And this area now has modern mercury vapor lights. Beno's store occupies the old Pacific House site. Two new banks have been…

Part of downtown Council center is the corner of West Broadway at Main and Fourth Streets where four banks or savings and loans are located.

photo on Broadway looking west (from Pearl Street?) with Council Bluffs Savings bank on the left. Man in bowler hat crossing the street, where people are boarding a streetcar. Horsedrawn carriage in front of the bank.

Original photo (positive, un-reversed) of Best_Pictures_1967_1970_2_23_1969_32.jpg. The Daily Nonpareil used the negative/reversed version in its March 23, 1969 issue. Photo depicts brick layers Harold Lewis and Roy Vaughn working at the Council…

Harold Lewis and Roy Vaughn, both brick layers, scramble through the network of scaffolding at the Council Bluffs Savings Bank remodeling site, Main Street and Broadway. The picture, shot as a silhouette against the sky, was reversed purposely in…

The Patio Office of the Council Bluffs Savings Bank, Twenty-seventh Street and West Broadway, was the scene Wednesday of the second bank robbery in less than six weeks. Police arrived on the scene moments after a well-dressed man took $4,000 from a…

Suspect [Lee Farmer] held against Mustang car outside Savings and Loan on Pearl Street. Four police officers, two with handguns drawn, one with rifle. Two men not in uniform, one with walkie-talkie. Duplicate of Bank_Robberies_01, but with names…

Suspect (Lee Farmer) held against Mustang car outside Council Bluffs Savings Bank on Pearl St. Four uniformed police officers, two with handguns drawn, one with rifle. Two men not in uniform.
(Information from photos taken at the same scene,…

Photograph of the former Council Bluffs Savings Bank on the corner of Pearl and Broadway.
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