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Bertrand (and Museum
Civil War steamboat which sank in Missouri River
DeSoto Bend Wildlife Refuge

Opening A Hatch...on the three-foot scale model of the steamship Bertrand is John Carrier, park service employee at the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge near Missouri Valley. The steamer model, which the Bertrand museum just purchased for $300, was…

A Watery again the resting place of the Steamboat Bertrand. Work on the artifacts from the ship will be increasing this summer at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. A new staff member will arrive at DeSoto Monday to work with preservation…

Examining Sleigh Bells...recovered from the cargo of the sunken steamboat Bertrand are Jim Salyer of the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Sen. John Culver, D-Iowa. They and other interested parties met Friday in DeSoto Bend to plan the…

Showing Old Bottles...recovered from the sunken steamship Bertrand at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge is Maia Sornson, curator of the Bertrand artifacts museum. Miss Sornson has been cataloging the millions of items recovered from the wreckage and…

Scuba Divers...bubble near the surface of the pond covering the sunken steamboatd Bertrand at the DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. Marker at left informs visitors of the century-old boat's remains. The three-man scuba diving team is determining how…

A Three-man Scuba Diving puncturing the hull of the sunken steamboat Bertrand at DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge near Missouri Valley. What they find may determine how best to preserve the century-old hulk.

These Artifacts...have attracted nearly 500,000 people since the Bertrand was discovered about four years ago.

DeSoto Refuge Manager Jim Salyer...explains the proposed Bertrand Visitor Center during the unveiling of development plans for the National Wildlife Refuge which includes the 1865 steamship Bertrand. He points to a model of the Bertrand Cargo…

Two years of research...and hundreds of field drawings have resulted in this artist's version of what the Missouri steamboat Bertrand looked like in 1864.

Champagne...aboard the Bertrand by now is a bit overaged. James Salyer, manager of the De Soto Bend Wildlife Refuge, studies one of the bottles still containing the liquid. He stands in the storeroom with the many items yet to be processed in the…

"Here Lies The Bertrand" is the heading on the wooden tombstone marking the spot where the 100-year-old boat rests 12 feet below water on De Soto National Wildlife Refuge. The marker, designed by Refuge Manager James Salyer, shown with the…

Sketching A Bertrand Barbara Daniels, lab supervisor, who says the covered candy dish is still a perfect piece of glass after over a hundred years under the Missouri River.

Bagged Artifacts...salvaged from the downed steamboat Bertrand are being moved from storage to a temporary museum at De Soto Bend Wildlife Refuge near Missouri Valley. Howard Lubben, refuge administrative assistant, looks at the task of…

Scientific Illustrator...Jerry Livingston and writer-editor Jerome Petsch look over photographs and drawings to piece together a diagram of the Bertrand.

Viewing Artifacts... at DeSoto Wildlife Refuge Monday were Iowa Gov. and Mrs. Robert D. Ray.

Washing Down...artifacts recovered from the sunken steamer and recording them are the jobs of Fish and Wildlife Service personnel Bill Berns of Guttenburg and Nancy Osborne of Ames.

The Final Day ...of removing cargo from the Bertrand was Wednesday. Workers will wash and photograph the remains of the boat to prepare it for winter "storage."

Acting Refuge Manager...Wayne Chord looks over the supply of Bertrand relics stored in a remodeled garage. The temperature and humidity are controlled to prevent the items from deteriorating.

At The Bertrand Meeting...were (front) Wayne Chord, George Fischer, Sen. Tom Frey, Sen. James Griffin, Jackson Moore, Phil Morgan, (back) Rep. William Darrington, Newell Bowers, Mayor Protem [sic] of Missouri Valley, Vern Henrich, Missouri Valley…
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