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City employees sponsored a coffee at the Community Hall this morning to give City Manager Don Harmon a warm send-off as he prepares to spend his last day on the job Tuesday. Shown here at the coffee, attended by several hundred, are Gordon Abel, city…

Reflecting On . . . his 10 years as Council Bluffs city manager is Don Harmon only minutes after the council accepted his resignation Wednesday night. Harmon said he bore no grudges or bitterness. He plans to continue public works but definitely…

Staff Meetings . . . each Monday morning is how City Manager Don Harmon starts off the week. Harmon, at head of table in top center, feels that inflation is one of the biggest problems facing Council Bluffs city government. Some needed services have…

The population of Council Bluffs increased by nine this week with the arrival of M. Don Harmon, his wife Mary and their seven children. The family, posing at their new home at 269 Elmwood Drive, includes James, 15; Kris, 16; Mrs. Harmon holding…

It Was Easy To Put It On...but City manager Don Harmon grimaces as he attempts to work a few inches from his midsection with the aid of Ben Siepker, telephone engineer...[Nonpareil photos by Jack Kennedy]
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