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Drawing Shows . . . new $300,000 Nursing and Rest Home which will be constructed west of Earling by Little Flower Haven Inc.

City sign for Earling, Iowa

Little Flower Haven . . . rests on a hilltop site at the edge of Earling. The front and south wing of the nursing and retirement facility are seen here.

Joe Feeney, with Sr. M. Petrine O.S.J. as accompanist, sings at the dedication ceremonies at Little Flower Haven Nursing Home in Earling, Iowa. John Wageman is in the background.

A large colorful monument to the Blessed Mother Mary stands on a hill overlooking Earling. The monument, in front of the Little Flower Haven Nursing Home, was constructed by Msgr. N.A. Gaul, 81, a resident at the home. The curved structure, of…

Admiring. . . the shrine he designed to honor Our Lady of Fatima is Msgr. N.A. Gaul. The shrine stands atop a hill at Little Flower Haven Rest Home at Earling where Msgr. Gaul resides. It is lighted nightly and the three signs, Rosary, Sacrifice and…

Earling, Iowa
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