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Discussing territories...being mapped out for religious survey are Larry Roberts of Epworth United Methodist Church and chairman of the survey committee, the Rev. Richard Kilgore, pastor of Broadway Christian Church, and Dale Halvorson of Shepherd of…

Admiring Sign . . . on church lawn are Mrs. Rex White, 720 N. 30th St., and the Rev. James Poulsen.

Ground Is Broken . . . for the new Epworth Methodist Church by Jack Dempster. Waiting their turn are Henry Brown, the Rev. Joseph Henry and Wayne Livingston.

Epworth Methodist Church is making plans for a Stewardship Crusade to start Tuesday, Feb. 5 and continue through Feb. 10. The Rev. Claire Shupe, Mrs. Lloyd Howland and Dean Ingram are pictured adjusting a sign on the church lawn to emphasize their…

Reviewing History . . . of Epworth Methodist Church are the Rev. Gerald LaMotte, seated, Merle Duke, chairman of the Open House ceremony, and Mrs. Eugene Teller, church secretary.

Epworth Methodist Episcopal church was organized in 1889 and its church was dedicated on Dec. 1 of the same year.
The first building was erected on the present site, Twenty-fifth street and Avenue B. Rev. A.A. Alexander was pastor. He was followed…

Congregation of Epworth United Methodist Church, 2447 Ave B, Council Bluffs, Iowa
This is the 2nd church building, occupied from 1909-1964.
Church historian is Fern M. Brown, 2709 Ave D, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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