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Jack Frost's first playful visit to hilly Fairmount Park has turned summer's greenery into brilliant autumn colors. The new background of red and yellow adds a festive touch to the flowers that haven't yet been frozen (foreground). Flower beds are…

An early morning blaze Thursday wiped out Fairmount Park Lodge at Fairmount Park. Officials closed the roads leading to the place and posted it against trespassing following the fire. City recreation officials, who handle reservations for the lodge,…

Park Commissioner Charles Hannan . . . strides past KOIL Point in Fairmount Park where the Park Board hopes to construct another lodge. The new lodge, to be built with a gift from a Council Bluffs woman and insurance money from the old lodge, will…

Tired of looking at your parched lawn? Want to see something green again? Then you must go to Fairmount Park where the plants and grass are green and the shade is cool.
The park annually draws thousands of spectators, but perhaps more can be…

Adding a deluxe touch to Fairmount Lodge at Kiwanis Point is this brick and concrete surfaced patio, now nearing completion. The Park department terraced the patio to match the contour of the adjoining picnic grounds. Flowers and shrubs will create a…

Fairmount Park Swan the turn of the century shows "The Boy With The Leaking Boot," under arrow in center of the photo. Exact date of this photo, from Nonpareil files, is not known.

It was Ground-Hog-Day Eve and the temperature was a balmy 51 in Council Bluffs. Atop a hill in Fairmount Park, four Creighton University students and their friends cavorted while on a picnic, becoming silhouettes against the setting sun. It was a…

September/October 2015 Historical Society newsletter.

January/February 2012 Historical Society newsletter.

Three postcards of bird's eye view of Council Bluffs from Fairmont Park.

Four postcards depicting Fairmount Park.

Nineteen postcards depicting Fairmount Park.

Libraries (2).tif
Photograph of the Library Staff picnic at Fairmount Park, 1929. Names written on back of photographs

Photograph of Fairmount Park.

Report made to the Board of Park Commissioners by Chales Mulford Robinson.
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