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In 1951, firefighters had to inspect the theater front's terra cotta decorations after several chunks of concrete toppled to the sidewalks, narrowly missing pedestrians.

Fire Fighters -.tif
Photograph of an unknown building fire.

Fire Fighters - Virgil Miller, Myron Albers, Mike Hughes.tif
Photograph of fire fighters Virgil Miller, Myron Albers, and Mike Hughes.

Modern truck serves as background for hand-pulled hose cart held by Asst. Chief Virgil Miller and fireman Myron Albers. Chief D. L. (Mike) Hughes stands in shadow of the old…

Fire Fighters - 'Donia's firehouse 1-28-1959.tif
Photograph of Macedonia Fire Dept. building.

Fire Fighters - Central Fire Station 3-15-1964.tif
Sign and fire alarm on the Central States Steel building at 1002 S. Main St.

Fire Fighters - 3541.tif
Photograph of Council Bluffs Fire Department truck.

Fire Fighters - 9-8-1968.tif
Oakland firemen are shown wearing firefighting gear as a warm-up for the competition in Monday's annual Fall Festival, when firemen from throughout Southwest Iowa will take part in a water fight tournament for cash prizes.

Fire Fighters - 1-29-1975.tif
Council Bluffs firefighters spent hours in Omaha assisting with a four-alarm fire. Capt. Donald Barritt and his crew manned the snorkel unit which poured water in the front of the Karbach building at Fourteenth and Douglas.

Fire Fighters - (4).tif
Three unlabeled photographs of fires and firefighters.

04-18-1971 Fire Department Training Session.tif
Engineer Glen Hasler of the Council Bluffs Fire Department unloads the hoses as Fire Chief Norman Elgan directs during one of the daily training sessions.

Fires T375.tif
Photograph of a Tar Kettle fire on north Main street, Sept. 7, 1900.

Fire Dept C686b.tiff
Copy of a photograph of the Council Bluffs Fire Department take May 30, 1884. Names of firemen and horse on the back of photo.

Fire Dept C468.tiff
Photograph of the Council Bluffs Central Fire Station. Also shows the Council Bluffs Auditorium.

Inspecting ambulance . . . now in service at the Oak Street Fire Station are fireman Larry Olsen, Mayor Dennis Anderson and Stan Miller of the Emergency Car Division. --Nonpareil Photo.

Receiving a message . . . on a new high frequency two-way radio system at jennie Edmundson Hospital is Mrs. Rita Pierson, supervisor of the hospital's emergency room. She is talking directly to a technician from a Southwest Iowa ambulance en route to…

Ambulance Service C.B. & Pott. County
City, county, hospital meeting eyes ambulance service asks for subsidy of $1,000 per week. August 12, 1967
No date mentioned. Ambulance firm to quit serving Bluffs. August 25, 1967
At 12:01 A.M. Monday…

Roses for mother. . . of the four Allen boys buried Sunday in these white caskets are plucked from the sprays at her request by the Rev. Raymond Lott at the cemetery near Oakland. --Nonpareil Photo.