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Fire Dept W893.tif
Photograph of the world's champion fire team. Council Bluffs Fire Deparment. Horses are Jack and Jim. Ed Walker, driver; Cole Jones, coupler; Robert Jones, coupler; A. H. Telfer, captain and William Boyne, member of the crew.
World Radio Laboratory. 738-744 W. Broadway
World Radio 738-44 W.BDWAY. Asst Chief Figgins
Woolworth 5 & 10 Cent Store. 4th St. & Broadway.

Fire Department Wickham Bldg Fire 1917 (2).tif
Photograph of the Wickham Building fire.
Upstairs Downstairs Lounge B& B Auto Body 1015-17 West Broadway
I.C. Water Tower 13th and Ave. N. Eng 1 Crew 8th and Main

Schools W374b.tif
Photograph of Washington School. Spring 1954. Looking north down Bryant Street. Central Fire Station on left, Auditorium on right.
Waldo Merrill, Chief Oct. 1, 1940 to Jan. 17, 1964

Fire Department Visiting Nurses.tif
Visiting Nurse's Association assisting Local #15 members in distributing Invalid Stickers.
Vanice Grain Elevator

Fire Department 2-15-46.tif
Two children were killed and their mothers injured when a 100-foot water storage tank collapsed and fell on their house. The tank, which had a storage capacity of 125,000 gallons, let loose a 100,000 gallon torrent of water and ice. The photo shows…
Training for State Tournaments. At Council Bluffs Fair Grounds, north of Ave G and 19th St. Frank Hitchcock, Bill Grote, Frank Parks, Ed Wright and Jim Cotter
Trailor City 28 W. Ave - J. Moore, D. Baxley, J. Foust

Straining Under The Weight . . . as he attempts to pull a 50 foot section of hose to the top of the training tower is Alan Knott, Omaha. Firefighter Mike Mattox stands by.

Fires T375.tif
Photograph of a Tar Kettle fire on north Main street, Sept. 7, 1900.

Fire Department Syphoning City National Bank.tif
Photograph of the Council Bluffs Fire Department syphoning City National Bank. Pictured: C. Smith and R. Reynolds and L. Hoyt.

Fire Department Sunday School Parade.tif
Photograph of a Sunday School parade with the Fire Station in the background.

In 1951, firefighters had to inspect the theater front's terra cotta decorations after several chunks of concrete toppled to the sidewalks, narrowly missing pedestrians.

Fire Department Strand Theater.tif
Photographs of a fire at the Strand Theater.
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