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Exempt Fireman.png
Exempt Certificate presented to Fireman George Bowers. Signed by the Clerk and Mayor of Council Bluffs.

Fire Dept C686c.jpg
Photograph of the firemen and fire engines of the Council Bluffs Fire Department.

The men in the photograph, members of the No. 3 Fire Company, are (from left to right): Frank Hitchcock, Norris Wicks, Charles Sanderson, J.N. Cochran, and Jim…

Fires F574.tif
Photograph of fire on 500 Block West Broadway. Shows horse drawn fire carts and many spectators.

Schools W374b.tif
Photograph of Washington School. Spring 1954. Looking north down Bryant Street. Central Fire Station on left, Auditorium on right.

Fire Dept W893.tif
Photograph of the world's champion fire team. Council Bluffs Fire Deparment. Horses are Jack and Jim. Ed Walker, driver; Cole Jones, coupler; Robert Jones, coupler; A. H. Telfer, captain and William Boyne, member of the crew.
Horse drawn hose cart. Driver Chas. Wilson.
Council Bluffs Fire Dept. 1885.
Horse cart, rescue #3
Rescue #3 - Site of present Central Station
#4 - 1st & Broadway - Frank Covalt, John Bates, John Olsen, John McGill, Chas. Watts, J.N. Cochran and Marion Stevens
Summer of 1888 in front of Station #4 109 W. Broadway
Station 3
1903 Fire Department
17th Annual Tournament, Iowa State Firemen's Association. June 6th to 9th. Held in Council Bluffs
Jim & Jack Champion Fire Team
Jim & Jack Champion Fire Team
Central Station. Ed Walker Sr. on crutches, lost his foot under hose wagon while training. Given lifetime job to drive Chiefs buggy and later Chief's car, for 25 years with a wooden leg.
World's Champion Fire Team Jim and Jack
1st Truck - Webb
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