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Fire Fighters - 11-27-1973.tif
Photo of fire damage

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Fire Fighters - 10-28-1961 Hoagland Lumber Yard & Ford Bldg.tif
Hoagland Lumber yard fire at Seventh and South Main spread to the roof of the Ford Brothers Van and Storage warehouse next door north.

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Fire Fighters - 10-22-1952.tif
Photographs of fire at Blue Star Foods Inc garage at 1509 S. Main St. that spread to Continental Keller Company warehouse at 1501 S Main St.

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Fire Fighters - 9-4-1959 Ford Van & Storage.tif
Ford Van and Storage Co. warehouse at 700 S. Main St.

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Fire Fighters - 6-29-73.tif
Dousing the interior of the Wagon Wheel Tavern, 830 N. 8th St. are Council Bluffs Fireman Harold Jensen and Larry French in the snorkel rig.

Fire Fighters - 5-3-1974 Midwest Walnut.tif
Smoke pours out of the west side of a dry lumber storage shed at Midwest Walnut. A portion of the building collapsed during the height of the blaze about being weakened by intense heat.

Fire Fighters - 4-15-1972 at 1902 n7th Ave.tif
Asst. Fire Chief Leo Fleming and Fire Chief Norman Elgan search for clues among burned debris from a house at 1902 Seventh Avenue Saturday in which burned to death. The man was identified as Roy Stutleberg, 39.

Fire Fighters - 3-21-1972 the Stork Club.tif
Inspecting fire damage to the interior of the Stork Club are Ron Evilsizer of Denison, arson investigator for the state fire marshal's office, and Fire Chief Norman Elgan.

Fire Fighters - 3-15-1969 Fire at home of Chris Christensen 96 Simms Ave.tif
Chris Christensen, 89, 96 Simms Ave. was found dead in his basement bedroom following a 7 a.m. fire Saturday.

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Fire Fighters - 2-18-1977.tif
A hundred or more young people could be seen waiting to get through this front door at the Joker Lounger. The entrance, where the fire apparently started about 5:20 a.m. Friday was gutted before firemen could make their way inside the structure.

Fire Fighters - 2-5-1976.tif
Sifting through the smoking remains of the office area of Warren Feed and Grain Co. are three Council Bluffs firefighters. The one story building was almost totally consumed by the blazing inferno in about an hour although thousands of gallons of…

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Fire Fighters - 1-29-1975.tif
Council Bluffs firefighters spent hours in Omaha assisting with a four-alarm fire. Capt. Donald Barritt and his crew manned the snorkel unit which poured water in the front of the Karbach building at Fourteenth and Douglas.

Fire Fighters - 1-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments.tif
Unidentified relatives of one of the apartment complex dwellers huddle under the eve of a nearby house with the small bit of clothing they salvaged from the blaze that destroyed the complex.

Firefighters put their weight on hoses at the Elder…

Fire Fighters - 1-1-1975 Chief Elgan.tif
Surveying the remains of a house at 23rd N. 2nd St. destroyed early Wednesday by fire is Fire Chief Norman Elgan. One man was killed in the blaze.

Fire Fighters - (4).tif
Three unlabeled photographs of fires and firefighters.

Manning an aerial ladder are Council Bluffs firemen, monitoring the progress of the intense fire at the elevator. Firemen from the Bluffs were joined by unites of the Omaha Fire Department in controlling the blaze, which started about 8:30 p.m.

08-09-1962 Fire at a soilworks.tif
Firemen pour water on wreckage of the pump shed which was the scene of an explosion and fire which claimed one life.

A city fireman pours water into a building at Thirteenth Street and West Broadway under the Broadway Viaduct. Officials say the fire may have been set.

02-05-1976 Fire glows 100 %.tif
Photograph of fire at 900 S. 8th St.

01-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments Fire.tif
Photograph of firefighter at Elder Court Apartments fire.
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