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A Metal Building...begins to crumble and melt as the intense flames, fueled by the wooden elevators, rage out of control Tuesday at Bluffs Elevator Co. Many cars and trucks parked near the elevators were damaged by debris and flames.

Roosevelt School fire

Firemen were called to Roosevelt School at 2:42 am on Valentine’s Day, 1966. The fire destroyed much of the building, leaving only the 1953. The thousands of gallons of water used to fight the blaze covered the gutted building in a thick layer of…

Swinging Aerial ladder...into position--shortly after 5 a.m.--firemen prepare to pour water on the blazing roof of the Raven Feed Plant elevator. A few moments later Pipeman Early Hanson, atop the ladder, directed a stream of water onto the…

Engineer F.L. Morris...returns to his train after emptying his fire extinguisher on burning trestle.

Exterior Of Church...shows hole in roof from the fire and most of the windows were broken out due to the tremendous heat of the blaze.

nighttime photo of firefighters on ladders, with hoses, entering building's second story windows; smoke at top of photo

Fire Fighters - 10-22-1952.tif
Photographs of fire at Blue Star Foods Inc garage at 1509 S. Main St. that spread to Continental Keller Company warehouse at 1501 S Main St.

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Food Cans...are shoveled from the second floor of the Blue Star plant by the truck load, as workmen start cleanup after fire.

photo, at a distance of plume of smoke from Bluffs Elevator explosion/fire; railroad tracks and cars shown on each side of plume.

Fire Fighters - 1-29-1975.tif
Council Bluffs firefighters spent hours in Omaha assisting with a four-alarm fire. Capt. Donald Barritt and his crew manned the snorkel unit which poured water in the front of the Karbach building at Fourteenth and Douglas.

Fire Fighters - Central Block Bldg 515-517 S. Main 7-5-1964.tif
Photograph of building fire at 515-517 S. Main.

Fire Fighters - 1-1-1975 Chief Elgan.tif
Surveying the remains of a house at 23rd N. 2nd St. destroyed early Wednesday by fire is Fire Chief Norman Elgan. One man was killed in the blaze.

Fire Fighters - 12-6-1970.tif
A fire started by a spark from a trash fire gutted a storage shed at the power house of the Christian Home and nearly destroyed the home of A. W. Fitz Sr. 2501 Eighth Ave.

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01-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments Fire.tif
Photograph of firefighter at Elder Court Apartments fire.

Fire Fighters - 1-14-1972 Elder Court Apartments.tif
Unidentified relatives of one of the apartment complex dwellers huddle under the eve of a nearby house with the small bit of clothing they salvaged from the blaze that destroyed the complex.

Firefighters put their weight on hoses at the Elder…

The fire rages...last year through the Bluffs Elevator Co. near South 23rd Street and Eighteenth Avenue. The blast, accompanied by a giant fireball, could be heard throughout most of the city.

Fire Fighters - 11-27-1973.tif
Photo of fire damage

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Charred the foreground held some 6,000 live chickens which were destroyed in the Blue Star fire at Atlantic. Company officials termed the plant a "total loss."

Fire Fighters - (4).tif
Three unlabeled photographs of fires and firefighters.
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